Review - Precollection

Artist: Lilys

The lead song (and title track) of "Precollection" opens with a Pixies-style crunch that might make one think Kurt Heasley has returned to explore his love of hazy, miasmic guitars. But soon enough, the song eases into the rote revisionism of '60s garage pop and Smiths jangle that defines the rest of the album. Which is unfortunate. Heasley's early work as Lilys was blindingly derivative of the shoegazing sound, but held hope that, with time, he would find his own voice within the sound. Sadly, he just switched sounds and the last couple of Lilys albums have been mired in the same pop classicism. Yes, this is a well-crafted album, and yes, tracks like "Mesulina" are certainly catchy. But the catholic nostalgia that defines it ultimately undermines it.

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