Review - Onward Suckdog Soldiers

Artist: Suckdog

Indie-scene queen Lisa Carver -- a.k.a. Lisa Suckdog -- is mostly known for her underground 'zines Rollerderby and Generation L. Her notoriety has led to her inclusion in a list of new visionaries published in the pages of Utne Reader, and she is the subject of a forthcoming documentary film.

With "Onward Suckdog Soldiers," Carver presents a compilation of her aural experiments, including notable contributions from comrades such as her cartoonist-in-residence Dame Darcy. Most of the 43 tracks include unintelligible screaming over tape loops, manipulated religious broadcasts, phone messages, punk rock, "lovemaking," and the unapologetic replacement of restraint and order with primal sexuality and spontaneity.

Suckdog may be art. But more likely Suckdog is the result of boredom -- and the focused attempt at its removal. "Dover Cops Suck" and "Geo Metro" are two stand-up tracks, capturing no theme deeper than their titles imply.

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