Review - Ocean Songs

Artist: Dirty Three

Dirty Three are not your everyday instrumentalists. Direct comparisons are difficult since they mainly utilize violin, guitar and drums -- but the music exists somewhere between post-rock and organic, jazz-inflected fusion. "Ocean Songs" is at once haunting, uplifting and quite beautiful.

Warren Ellis' violin gives off a Celtic sort of feel on one track, then a classical sound on the next. On tracks such as "Deep Waters" and "Black Tide," Ellis shares the lead or gives it up to guitarist Mick Turner, but the presence of his violin is unmistakable. "The Restless Waves" tells a story of pain better than any song with lyrics ever could, while "Authentic Celestial Music" evokes enough emotion to make "Titanic" seem like a half-hour PBS special.

Dirty Three have created a complete album of standout tracks that are absorbingly poetic.

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