Review - Mission: Impossible 2 (soundtrack)

Artist: various artists

Of course, every action movie needs a hard-pounding soundtrack to emphasize the stunts on the screen, and "Mission: Impossible 2" is no exception.

Opening the CD is Limp Bizkit's "Take a Look Around (Theme from M:I-2)," a high-gear take on the original TV-series theme that bursts with Durst & Co.'s signature stomp. Rob Zombie's "Scum of the Earth" is a devilish delight that will have you craving more Zombie. Other high points: Butthole Surfers' "They Came In" and Buckcherry's "Alone."

The disc isn't all winners, however. The unlikely combination of Brian May (from Queen) and the Foo Fighters tackling Pink Floyd's classic "Have a Cigar" might have looked good on paper, but it sounds more like Marilyn Manson. And let's not forget Metallica's "I Disappear," possibly the worst song in their catalog.

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