Review - Millennium

Artist: Monstrosity

Years ago, every rock in Florida had a death-metal band curled up underneath it. And most of them were fine examples of the genre. Not anymore. That's why "Millennium" (not to be in any way confused with another Florida band's world-wide pop smash CD) by veterans Monstrosity is such a welcome release. This is the kind of death metal that put Florida on the map and and could resurrect the dying scene in Tampa.

Producer Scott Burns expertly guides the snarling vocals (by George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher), wickedly strummed guitar (Jason Morgan), bad-ass bass (Kelly Conlon) and pulverizing drums (Lee Harrison) to the necessary sonic conclusion: evil. The band rips through church-burners "Fatal Millennium" and "Devious Instinct." On the bombastic "Dream Messiah," Harrison's drumming takes center stage. "Millennium" may not be a classic, but it will make your neighbors fear you.

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