Review - Liquored Up and Laquered Down

Artist: Southern Culture on the Skids

Liquored Up and Laquered Down
Label: TVT Records
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Liquored Up and Laquered Down

With song titles like "Corn Liquor" and "Cheap Motels," and lyrics about "stale Fritos and mosquitoes," Southern Culture on the Skids will make their fans feel as if they're walking a familiar dirt road when they listen to "Liquored Up and Liquored Down." On the newest CD, with its twangy vocals and tangy rhythms, the trailer didn't roll far from the park.

For those not familiar with them, Southern Culture is hard to define ' what do you make of a really bright hillbilly? Too funky to be rockabilly, too retro-cool to be country, full of the kind of lyrical personality that gives them a Barenaked-Ladies-meets-"Hee-Haw" quality, this low-brow hybrid delivers once again some soulful howl-at-the-moon tunes ("Drunk and Lonesome [Again]" says it all), but more importantly and prominently, no-nonsense dance music, the Latin-flavored title track in particular, which ought to get your hips shaking like maracas. It all makes getting "Liquored Up" a good idea.

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