Review - Kinkynasti

Artist: Five Deez

When Five Deez' "Kool Motor" album exploded, it put Miami's Counterflow label on the map and freed Cincinnati's self-professed finest producer to head out to the greener pastures of Berlin, leaving a big hole to fill. The Deez, and like-minded groups such as Zion-I, made it possible to set aside the old Tribe and De La 12-inches and break out some positivity that felt more with the times. "Kinkynasti" fills in the holes "Kool Motor" left behind after spinning out over the radio waves. They still prefer pianos over turntables, but the production is tighter, the MCs a little better and the label better distributed. The R&B croonings wedged into some of the compositions are distracting, but they're just five-second dents in what is a remarkably good ride.

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