Review - Global

Artist: Paul Van Dyk

Ten years in the music business is a long time. In the dance music business, it's a lifetime. However, it's also right about the decade mark that you're either deemed a legend or a disappointment. German DJ Paul Van Dyk successfully naviagated that mark a couple years ago (it was in 1991 that he first set needle to wax at Berlin's massively influential Tresor club), and he's now celebrating with the release of "Global." Having helped to redefine European trance and techno -- and by default, becoming a massive influence on the American club scene -- Van Dyk has alternated between producer and DJ over the years, and it's clear that his heart lies with spinning in front of a crowd. As such, "Global" showcases his studio skills and his mixologist's heart by drastically reconfiguring 11 previously-released tracks (and two unreleased ones) and seamlessly presenting them with that typical Van Dyk club vibe. Remixed into 5.1 surround sound, the effect is astounding. That an older track like the raw-sounding techno of 1994's "A Magical Moment" can bleed perfectly from the lush, housey ambience of 2000's "Together We Will Conquer" is proof both of Van Dyk's mixing ability and the astonishing variety of styles in his arsenal. The CD content of "Global" is rounded out by a DVD -- also presented in 5.1 surround sound -- that defies the typical modus operandi of CD/DVD packages. Showcasing both a 75-minute globe-trotting documentary and a tidy, 40-minute live DJ set from Van Dyk, this disc completely captures the energy, sounds and anonymity of DJ life.

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