Review - Ghouls of Grandeur

Artist: Grimfist

The classic sound spewed by Norway's Grimfist is somewhat at odds with their relative youth as a band. Although "Ghouls of Grandeur" is the group's debut album, their grinding heaviness easily betrays the fact that some members share time in Immortal and Deride. Deeply ensconced within the Norwegian scene, Grimfist ruthlessly pounds out a combination of blood-curdling death rage and rumblingly heavy thrash. Producer Peter Tagtgren should get a lot of credit for the assault, as his clear and effective approach on tracks like "From Hell & Back" and the perfectly titled opener, "Primal Aggression," help make the band sound like a well-seasoned machine. Yeah, some of the black metal imagery is a bit silly for 2003, but they're from Norway, so whaddya want?

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