Review - Farstucker

Artist: Lords Of Acid

Label: Antler Subway 2001
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Farstucker

Spacey, trancey, metallic and pounding -- "Farstucker" is another novel dose of lusty techno-industrial from the scandalous Belgium act Lords of Acid. Newcomer Deb Ostrega mounts the electronic sex-carnival pulpit that is LOA and, like her predecessors, somehow flirts her way through an album's worth of heavy house beats and metal guitar. Solid production and good synth work make this CD as intense and appealing as 1994's "Voodoo-U."

Stand-out singles on the 19-track album include the infectiously poppy "Rover Take Over," the thrashing lullaby "Scrood Bi-U," the hypnotic drone of "Lucy's Fucking Sky" and the highly danceable "Feed My Hungry Soul." "Kiss Eternal" weaves eerie keyboards together with stomping guitar. There's some fat on this album, but overall, "Farstucker" is fun party music with the soul of a raver and the morals of a dog.

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