Review - Fair Weather Karma

Artist: Sciflyer

Shoe-gazing glistened itself into irrelevance some time ago, but there still exists an active bastion of bands that adhere to the more-gauze/less-vocals ethos. That bastion has, while toiling away in obscurity, continued to further that sound so that now -- with bands like Sciflyer -- an almost entirely new genre has been created. What that genre actually is, I'm not too sure, but the guitars are thicker, the vocals (if even present) are mixed further down and the general approach is more inscrutable. "Fair Weather Karma" might be a little too out there for your casual "Loveless" fan, as it sounds more like an afterimage of Kevin Shields' sound than a direct relative. Painfully sparse in places and overwhelmingly rich in others, it's nice to see a previously stunted genre moving forward again.

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