Review - El Baile Aleman

Artist: Señor Coconut y su Conjunto

A native of Chile, Señor Coconut y su Conjunto began his career in entertainment as a dancer. Now with "El Baile Aleman" ("The German Dance"), he's proven himself to be an accomplished conductor and arranger, as well. In one of his commonplace strokes of genius, Coconut has chosen tunes by German electronica pioneers Kraftwerk as a foundation to showcase his bevy of marimbas, maracas and Latin cha-cha-cha percussions. It's a cool, repetitive and sterile framework to house Coconut's warm, organic instrumentation.

Listen closely, however, and you realize that we've been horn-swoggled. Coconut is actually Uwe Schmidt (a.k.a. Atom Heart) of Deutschland. Bored by Ger-many, Schmidt moved to Chile, intent on adding new musical and cultural influences into his repertoire. Who can argue with the success of "Tour de France" as a merengue, or finally being able to cumbia to "Trans Europe Express"?

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