Review - Deeply Faulted Area Resembling an Upright Deck of Cards

Artist: Electronic Barnacle Island

One of the unfortunate fallouts from the IDM/glitch movement emerging from nerds' bedrooms nationwide is that, occasionally, it's all too easy to ascribe creativity to something that's really just crap. Electronic Barnacle Island is the nom de crappe of Jacksonville's Aaron Noel and presumably, the material on "Deeply Faulted Area" is rife with subjective context and pomo deconstruction and whatever. In truth, it's the sound of a guy with a good record collection and way too many plug-ins on his Mac. Severely lacking in compositional style and atmospheric judgement, EBI is very much the product of marathon sessions spent listening to Aphex Twin, saying "I could do that." With so many good and interesting artists out there making remarkable and revolutionary future music, it's a shame that middling and mediocre work such as this is out there plugging up the machine.

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