Review - Deconstructed

Artist: Bush

Quite a lot of you would like to have your way with Bush lead singer Gavin Rossdale. "Deconstructed" -- the latest from Gavin and his mates -- is the musical equivalent of having your way with somebody else's goods: the remix. Top dogs Tricky, Goldie, Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto, Mekon and a host of others bludgeon their way through the British band's back catalog of radio-friendly alt rock. Jealous?

As expected, the tracks with the least amount of Rossdale are the best of the bunch. Goldie's junglized version of "Swallowed" would've been right at home on his Metalheadz' "Platinum Breaks" comp. Derek DeLarge knocks "Everything Zen" out of the park. "History (Dub Pistols Mix)" is a Chemical Brothers-inspired funk-a-thon that almost over-Gavins. For those seeking electronic enlightenment, "Deconstructed" delivers as promised.

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