Review - Comparsa

Artist: Deep Forest

If Frank Lloyd Wright composed music, the result could be "Comparsa." Wright's philosophy of technology in harmony with nature is represented here in a sonic setting. From its pop, jazz and synth beats to its African, Cuban and Latin vocal stylings, Deep Forest's "Comparsa" is an international romp through faraway cultures set in a modern-day world.

"Noonday Sun" opens with faraway tribal chants that rise in volume then fade into perky synthesizer tones and pop-dance beats. "1716" is elegant and dreamy before it segues into the American jazz of "Deep Weather" (with Weather Report's Joe Zawinul on accordion). Cute percussion and wind instruments flutter under Maria Sabina's earthy singing in "Tres Marias," and the title track is positively festive and polka-happy.

This album is deep without taking itself too seriously and fun without being disposable. It's reverent to its deep cultural heritage, yet modern in its presentation -- a grand international time.

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