Review - Beaucoup Fish

Artist: Underworld

Underworld emerged in the late '80s as a new-wavish guitar band that gradually incorporated electronics until reaching their present-day techno-god stature (probably due to the inclusion of their very cool "Born Slippy" on the "Trainspotting" soundtrack). That's all very well, but since their last full-length came out more than three years ago, what have they done lately? After listening to "Beaucoup Fish," the answer's clear: apparently not a whole lot.

Obviously the band has become very deft at trend spotting; they eagerly try to clone daft punk (and French techno in general), bad '80s pop and boring house music. The music doesn't even register a dance urge until the eighth track, "Kittens" -- and even that sounds like a Chemical Brothers outtake. Maybe if Underworld were to tour with the overly hyped big-beat DJ Fatboy Slim, the two camps could cook up a new idea instead of just reheating one.

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