Review - Adored

Artist: Daybehavior

While some Swedish bands (i.e. the Cardigans) rely on the "kitsch" factor to win over American fans, Daybehavior dives head-first into modern electro-pop. Sparse synthesizer production and trip-hop beats serve as a moody backdrop for Paulinda Crescentini's angelic voice, resembling the result of what it might sound like if New Order and the Sneaker Pimps had a one-night stand.

With lyrics in English and Italian, Daybehavior's sweet-but-sensuous takes on romance contrast rather nicely with their alternating depressed, then blissful melodies. The track "Hello!" layers an infectious bassline and dark strings over a catchy chorus and filtered synths, while the instrumental "The Beginning of Something Else" is a brief stab at techno, but the cheesy rap of "Gullable," should have been deleted from the recording studio's hard drive.

Crescentini's reflective voice and the understated electronics elevate "Adored" above what could have been a purely disposable affair.

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