Orlando's Rest in Pierce present a dark dive into the fringes of dubstep with new album 'Resurgence'

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Rest in Pierce

Dubstep gets a bad rap. Much of it’s self- inflicted but, I swear, it can be done well. Homegrown proof of that is electronic music artist Rest in Pierce, the nom de beat of Orlando’s Logan Pierce. While Pierce isn’t a strict disciple of dubstep, it is a core part of his musical vocabulary. His cerebral edge, however, is what places him well outside of the brostep parade.

So named because it’s his first release in over two years, the just-dropped Resurgence mini-album is more than just a reemergence, it’s a notable evolution. While debut album Silver Linings was more of a beat-centric ambient affair, this three-track follow-up is a darker dive.

The three pieces on Resurgence are an exercise in intricate architecture, not sick breakdowns. Amid a beatscape of down- tempo drum & bass, Pierce is judicious in the use of the dubstep wubs, employing them with more of an artist’s touch than the headbanger’s hammer of arena dubstep. And rather than smothering groove, the restrained bass work underscores the ghostly atmosphere throughout.

Resurgence is a tight collection that’s fathoms deep with a rich sense of mood and detail. The EP is now available on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Music.

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