Orlando R+B artist Jaywah drops ‘Attitude,’ an effective merge of classic elegance with modernity

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Jaywah photo by Blac Majic Photography

By now, we should all be a little tired of seeing a bunch of guys' names all over music credits. It's changing, sure. But it's not changed yet.

It will, though, if more artists like Orlando's Jaquese Powell get into the game. Under the moniker Jaywah, she's a young, independent R&B act who's not just a singer but also a songwriter, pianist, violinist, producer and sound engineer. And her just-released sophomore collection — the Attitude EP — is almost entirely made by herself. She produced all but one of the seven songs and otherwise wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered the whole affair.

Since her 2020 debut EP Unmute, this follow-up already shows a deeper crystallization of Jaywah's sound toward a more distilled aesthetic greater than the sum of her initial influences. Less busy and more concentrated, the music is kept to a tasteful essence, giving her voice full room to do its thing. And that thing is a clarion flight of melody, agility and controlled power.

It all adds up to an effective merge of classic R&B elegance with modern outlook. This record is a document that shows Jaywah poised with more comfort and confidence than ever.

Attitude now streams everywhere. Death to the patriarchy, even if it's one silky song like this at a time.

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