Orlando grinders C0mputer unleash powerful new music and visuals, ending a prolonged silence

click to enlarge C0mputer - Photo by William Powell and Livia Bluma
Photo by William Powell and Livia Bluma

Of the many heavy bands in Orlando right now, none sear the ears and eyes as equally as C0MPUTER. Besides an extreme grind-punk attack that usually decimates in one-minute blasts, they’re well-known in the underground for their shock aesthetic. On stage, C0MPUTER are electrifying freaks with an art-rock streak, ripping polemic tornadoes while dressed like post-apocalyptic warriors. In image and concept, they’re lurid and dystopian, with DOS-era graphics straight out of the gritty digital past.

Even with that track record, though, C0MPUTER have now returned, more intense than ever, with the just-released Masturbation Ritual, their first new album in over four years. Besides being their most extended work so far, the 12-track collection is also their brawniest material yet. Here, their usual fury packs new low-end muscle now that vocalist Cassidy Jones is also on bass. It’s a fresh dimension that gives their onslaught new tonnage and authority.

But C0MPUTER have always stood out by being a multimedia experience. On the visual side, they plan to release a music video for each and every song on the album, all done by Jones. While the video for “23 (people) people” is the only one to drop so far on YouTube, it’s a vivid sample of the parade of damage to come. Using datamoshing techniques that tamper with video files to glitchy effect, the montage is a fried, kinetic scramble that showcases Jones’ artistic flair and is the perfect visual manifestation of C0MPUTER’s berserk sound.

While Masturbation Ritual won’t go up on the major corporate platforms until later this month, it’s now streaming on Bandcamp, YouTube and Soundcloud. In keeping with the band’s style and concept, the album’s also currently available in limited-edition physical formats like cassette and packaged USB flash drive via Infinite Weed Records.

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