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Below is the list of writers, performers, promoters, clubgoers and general insiders in the Orlando music industry whose suggestions determined the nominees for the 1999 Orlando Music Awards. The readers of Orlando Weekly and took it from there, picking the winners that will be announced Oct. 16 at The Club at Firestone.

Dolly, Dolly's One Stop Records
Tyler Alden, WPRK
Linda Andersson, Locked Groove Entertainment
Manuel Arroyo
Hector Bauza, WONQ
David Brown, Eastern Sky
Toby Brown, d.i.y. records
Wagner Bucci, Beloved Entertainment Group
K.P.Capeheart, Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts
Andrew Chadwick, Boxcar Records
Arthur Channer, Children of Light
Javier Colon
Bob Colwell, House of Blues
Jasmine Cousins
Tahny Davis, Sceptor Management
Steven Dees, The Bandies
Clive DeSousa, East-West Records
Joreal DeVante, Golden Planet Entertainment
Billy Dill, Knock Knock
Chuck Dinkins, House of Blues
Mary Frances Emmons, Orlando Sentinel
Tony Escapa
Ens Fletcher, Copper Rocket
Barrie Freeman, Kit Kat/Harold & Maude's
Bing Futch, Dark Studios
Tito Galerza, WONQ
Paul Gamache, Univision Spanish TV
Corrine Gamacchia
Johnny Garlic, WPRK
Steven Garnett, Numb Right Thumb
Peter Gill, Virgin Megastore
Guillermo Gonzales, Virgin Megastore
Allan Greene, AIPS
Kelly Greene, AIPS
Jeff Kaplan, Will's Pub
Jennifer Kelly, 1030 AM
Eamon Kenny, FlatBroke Productions
Ruth King, Courageous Heart Productions
Nikki Knight, WXXL 106.7
Ed Krout, Phat Planet Recording Studio
Liz Langley, Orlando Weekly
Melvin Lopez, Musa Latina
Teri Maher, Locked Groove Entertainment
Billy Manes, Orlando Weekly
Jay Marley, Pyroglyphics
Joseph Martens, The Hindu Cowboys
Charles Martin, Orlando Weekly
Angel Martinez, Latin Music Institute
Craig Mazer, Impact Press magazine
Wendy McDowell, Borders
Lisa Mecurio
Brad Meyer, Virgin Megastore
David Minshew, Peaches
Sonja Mongar, Musa Latina
Darlyn Nangeno, WKRO
Dave Olson, Go Lounge
Wayne Osley, Oz Media Productions
Mike Piel, Appleton's Family Folk Cafe
Diane Reed, Nandi Enterprises
Tracy Reinstein, Track Brack Studio
Mike Roberts, Song of Kerman
Joe Rodriguez, A Flock of Seagulls
Jaime Rua, Aka J Rock
Adam Sachs, Best Buy
Chris Sapone, Suburbia/Club Nowhere
Darren Schneider, Greg Rike Productions
David Schwiezer, Riverbottom Nightmare Band
Hanna Skrobko, East-West Records
Michelle Snow, Virgin Records
Mark Snyder, Remark
Andy Strickland, Carlisle
Rich Thompson, RT Promotions
Marc Tomestic, Skif Dank
Gina Trifiletti, Connections magazine
Israel Vasquetelle, WPRK
Dennis Walkling, JAM magazine
Brian Walton, WTKS
Edwin White
Donna Wright, Wright Stuff Management
Mark Wynegar, WPRK
Michael York, PyroMusic
Todd Zadow

Todd Zadow

Advisory committee
Jen Bakst, Ink 19
StaceBass, Swingerhead
Jamie Bogner, Ska-tastrophe
Sandra Carrasquillo, WNOQ
Jennifer Commander, Virgin Megastore
Alisa Cromer, Orlando Weekly
Erik Dennison, Real Radio 104.1
Theresa Everline, Orlando Weekly
Colleen Flynn, House of Blues
Kim Fox, Melisma Records
Matt Gorney, Park Ave CDs/WPRK
Jeff Hogan, d.i.y. records
Ashley Hoven, Adventures in Rhythm/Global
Shayni Howen, Myers Media NYC
Nellie Lackman, WPRK
Michael McRaney, Figurehead Productions
Lauressa Nelson, Orlando Weekly
Mark Padgett, Orlando Weekly
Kayonne Riley, WUCF
Steve Robertson, Atlantic Records
Steve Schneider, Orlando Weekly
Dave Segal, Alien Surf Productions
Lindy Shepherd, Orlando Weekly
Joe Skinner, Trackspotting/Mars The Musician's Planet
Jeff Truesdell, Orlando Weekly
Will Walker, Will's Pub
Shelby Wheeler, Virgin Megastore

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