Norsekorea invites stellar nostalgia rockers Shannon & the Clams to celebrate 5 years at Backbooth

Forget Christmas carols, we'll be humming "Happy Birthday" to Norsekorea up until next year when the local promotion force celebrates its 5-year anniversary with a bunch of parties, the first of which was just announced, and it's a doozy.

On Saturday, Jan. 23, catch knock-out Burger Records/Hardly Art band Shannon & the Clams at Backbooth, touring on one of the year's most addictive spins, Gone By the Dawn (RSVP!). If you've not been in a room with singer Shannon Shaw, you've yet to have your reality shifted. Her vocals feature this crystal-clear range that's curiously fueled by an unexpected growl that's sickly sweet like the songs she sings. The fact that she's paired with equally mind-blowing singer Cody Blanchard (whose upper range raises a new kind of gooseflesh) to invoke a Woolly-Bully rock & roll spirit in their band Shannon & the Clams creates a unique concert experience that blasts a vibe of earnest raunch and owning-it individuality that's downright uplifting. Listen to earworm "Point of Being Right," giggle to the narrative of "Corvette," rock out to "My Man" and just plain swoon to "How Long" - the whole album is full of memorable songs that feel like you've known them for ages without being gummed up by the nostalgia-tinted specs Shannon & the Clams wear when penning songs.

Local support includes favorites Golden Pelicans and Wet Nurse, plus catch L.A. psych band Guy Blakeslee and more bands to be announced.

Norsekorea's Kyle Raker has held down Backbooth's calendar as their primary talent buyer, upping the intrigue and attracting big-hearted audiences to fan out to big-ticket names in the small club environment. His work under the Norsekorea banner extends to other venues and Raker's long been treasured for creating cool concert experiences in this state that's so notoriously ignored by tours. Promoters are a vital, undersung component to every concert that ever made your heart thump, so do right by NK Presents and help celebrate this milestone to keep the feels going both ways.

We'll be keeping an eye on Norsekorea's Facebook for more anniversary shenanigans, and we'll post updates as we hear 'em. For now, enjoy Shannon & the Clams' campy new music video for "It's Too Late":

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