New releases from Orlando bands: Oak Hill Drifters, Scumbag Beer Club and Astro Pup

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Oak Hill Drifters
Oak Hill Drifters photo by Jim Leatherman

Few are more steadfast champions of classic country music around here than the Oak Hill Drifters, but new single "Carpe Dame" shows a fresh angle on their neo-traditionalism.

On this first release since the 2018 album Lied to Me, the Drifters step beyond the usual stomp and swing of their honky-tonk sound to hit the trail. Heavily inspired by spaghetti Western master Ennio Morricone, "Carpe Dame" — with its long, sonorous lines and horns — is a high-riding gallop through rolling hills. It's some of the Drifters' best, most atmospheric work to date, and it's streaming on major platforms.

After working together for years, the members of Orlando hip-hop collective Beer Money UNLTD have just now unveiled new group Scumbag Beer Club to spread their "scumbag jazz" gospel, beginning with just-released debut album Pregame.

Their sound is a proud return to some of hip-hop's most classic and articulate styles. Between Tek the Intern's organic, jazz-thick production and the on-rails rap interplay between MCs Shinobi Stalin and WordChemist, Pregame shines with golden East Coast rays. Scumbag Beer Club is new, but it's a congress of O-zone veterans. This debut — on major streaming services now — is a very realized introduction.

Rave revivalism is rising right now, and some of the best coming out of Orlando is by Astro Pup. Typically, this young techno disciple's sound maintains a harsh Euro stomp. However, on their latest release — the two-track DIISORD3R — Astro Pup takes a dope swerve and taps not just the zeitgeist of the original rave generation but also a specifically Floridian vein.

Opener "Stress" starts out in usual Astro Pup mode with its hard four-on-the-floor beat. Then, three and a half minutes in, the track suddenly goes from hulking locomotive to sleek bullet train, dropping into a funk-pumped, head-blowing breakdown of bass and electro that carries not just the outro but the entirety of next song "Action."

It's all fried extra crispy per AP's signature overdriven temperature, but those booming, liquid beats are a new look at an old-school sound. It may be 2021, but "Action" is five hot minutes of bass perfection that would've blown up dance floors all over this city in 1993. DIISORD3R is up on Bandcamp.

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