New music from and new directions for Orlando's Swamburger

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In the music scene, it doesn't get any more Orlando than rap champion Swamburger. But the MC-producer actually has roots in Chicago, and he's made something of a return to that in his brand new single.

A nod to Chi-town's seminal dance music heritage, "All Hail Open Doors" rides a jazzed-up house stomp rather than the classic hip-hop template that Swam usually employs. With lush vibes from Gerry Williams' keyboards, Ty Gasek's saxophone and Scarlet Monk's silky singing, it's a stylish slice of hip-house that's built for smart lounging. It's streaming now on major platforms.

This single's also a circle back to Swamburger's Orlando roots. Juan Mejia (aka DJ Fathead) was part of an Orlando crew that first put Swam on a mic in this city at their regular hip-hop nights in the Den at Firestone during the late 1990s, even producing some of his early material. The rest, of course, is some defining Orlando music history. Fast-forward a couple decades and Mejia now runs Miami-based deep-house label Dutchie Music, under whose umbrella "All Hail Open Doors" was just released.

As interesting as this history is, though, it's the future that makes the reconnection of these two figures especially momentous. The release of this single marks the beginning of a significant new chapter for Swamburger. More than just another song, it's the launch of an ambitious relationship that will provide Swamburger with some new direction and platform.

"All Hail Open Doors" is the first peek at his upcoming full-length solo album, slated to drop in December. And that LP will be the debut release on Swamburger's new label AGDEPPA, which will be a subsidiary of Dutchie Music. Following that release, the fledgling label will unveil music by Mugs and Pockets, a new group formed by Swamburger and Scarlet Monk. Even in Swam's ever-busy world, it seems some fresh looks and big things are on the horizon.

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