New music and new directions from Orlando artists Swamburger and Bryan Raymond

Scarlet Monk and Swamburger
Scarlet Monk and Swamburger photo by Jim Leatherman

Orlando hip-hop legend Swamburger has been gearing up for a big new phase in his long, illustrious career. That all kicks off with Tenfold, his new solo album heavily featuring Chicago artist Scarlet Monk.

Releasing everywhere June 1, the 13-track Tenfold represents the next evolution of Swamburger's sound, pushing his classic hip-hop instincts through a wider prism that includes R&B, soul, funk, electronic and house. With lots of snap, slap and boom-bap, the album is the spiciest, most versicolor gumbo he's produced in years, possibly ever. Vibrant and forward-looking, it's a very fresh new face for a venerable icon.

In addition to Swamburger's own raps and production, guest production cameos include Solillaquists of Sound bandmate DiVinci, Juan Mejia, Jackal and MF Shalem. Scarlet Monk gets the marquee feature and contributes vocals to nearly half the tracks.

This release, however, is only the first extended glimpse of Swamburger's heavy new involvement with Scarlet, who's the new Bonnie to his Clyde. That creative union will be fully revealed this summer when they emerge with a full-length debut as collaborative duo Mugs and Pockets. Swam and Scarlet have a list of appearances already lined up to sneak-peek and promote the new joint, all leading up to an album release party at Park Ave CDs (2-5 p.m. Sunday, July 24).

After that, the longtime local will join his new running mate and relocate all the way up to the opposite corner of the country to Seattle to go all in on Mugs and Pockets and hopefully push it to the next level. So go get in as much Swamburger as you can.

Following up on last autumn's single "As a Man," DeLand artist Bryan Raymond now unveils his recently released full album of the same name. As a Man is a 10-song furtherance of the stark solo voyage he's been on in recent years. Once a credentialed metal axeman in bands like Junior Bruce and Hope and Suicide, Raymond has walked his own intensely personal trail since coming back from death's brink in a 2015 motorcycle accident.

On the new album, he continues to survey the emotional hinterland with spare, forlorn folk songs steeped in rough soul and world-weary resignation. As a Man now streams everywhere.

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