It will not be a silent night at the 'Noise Before Christmas' show headlined by Jiblit Dupree at Orlando's Uncle Lou's

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click to enlarge Spend Christmas Eve with Jiblit Dupree - Photo by Matthew Moyer
Photo by Matthew Moyer
Spend Christmas Eve with Jiblit Dupree

If you think escaping family and loved ones by going to a mere bar is enough to put you on the naughty list over Christmas, you’ve got another thing coming. The Grinchly gathering at Uncle Lou's that is 'A Noise Before Christmas' takes place in the wee hours of Xmas eve when Santa is out eating your cookies and pilfering through your liquor cabinet. And it's the real deal.

Alongside Oblongata, Paint Sniffer and Shifted Grimm, you’ve got No Face from Tallahassee (formerly sniffle Orlando) doing physical — and often disguised — performance-art-noise, and the host of the evening, Central Florida outsider legend Jiblit Dupree, telling hard-luck tales aplenty in his raw ’n’ primal love-hate anthems.

’Tis the season now, if it ever was.

8 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 24, Uncle Lou’s Entertainment Hall, 1016 N. Mills Ave., price TBA.

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