Music updates from around town: Park Ave. CDs, Will's Pub, Peacock Room

Good news for vinyl junkies and book nerds: Park Ave CDs recently finished some renovations that have created more room for new and used records, as well as expanded space for the eclectic book-shop component of the store. Instead of just lining the exterior wall with an L-shaped shelf of vinyl, there is now an additional internal aisle stocked with records that has enough breathing room (for now) for PACDs to display their typically backroom offerings of record frames and cleaning kits. More space also means that PACDs can order more copies of first pressings, which means that you're more likely to find popular titles and limited releases. Good looking out, PACDs!

For those who have had Will's Pub on speed dial for the past 18 years, it's time to bump mom back up a spot, because the line has been permanently disconnected. The pub encourages anyone to use Facebook or email to get answers to any urgent questions about booking shows, who's behind the bar, what's on draught or whatever other silly reason you have to pester the bartender at 10 p.m. on a Friday night. In other Will's Pub news, the upcoming year promises more non-smoking shows, Southern Fried Sunday after-parties at Lil' Indies, shared cross-bar tabs between Will's and Indies and, according to Mr. Will Walker, an intriguing development that will allow more stage visibility for showgoers. (I'll share details as soon as the plans are solidified, aka when the city says so.)

Since I was over on Mills, I took a peek in Peacock, where they redid the floors, removed carpeting and slapped a fresh coat of paint on the wall. This is just the first step toward a new look and feel for the lounge, which I'm told includes, in the near future, bashing through the wall behind the stage to put in a window so that passers-by can watch the performing bands from the sidewalk. Sounds good to me, but I already miss that old carpet I've shared many a drink with over the years.

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