Experimental percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani makes his much-anticipated return to Orlando

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click to enlarge Tatsuya Nakatani returns to play Orlando's In-Between Series - Photo by Matthew Moyer
Photo by Matthew Moyer
Tatsuya Nakatani returns to play Orlando's In-Between Series

Calling this Japanese master simply a “percussionist” just isn’t sufficient. Although his medium is strictly percussion, Nakatani is rhythm section to no one.

Instead, he is his own orchestra, an avant-garde maestro who plays his stunning array with the scope of a composer and the expressive range of a lead violinist or guitarist. His solo performances are odysseys that aren’t just complete unto themselves but panoramic and transcendental.

Even in the experimental music vanguard, the nomadic Nakatani’s artistry and expression are peerless. After using hundreds of my best words to gush about Nakatani’s 2019 show in town, I concluded that review simply with: “Next time he comes, make it an imperative.”

So this is me reminding you of the impending greatness.

7:30 p.m. Monday, March 13, CityArts, $5

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