Local metallians 5 Billion Dead are, first and foremost, a live band, with shows that consistently find the group departing the stage breathless, exhausted and grasping amps just to stay afloat. Because of said stage-trouncings, they've developed a reputation around the Southeast that is building them an ever-growing fan base.

"Even without a CD, it's not uncommon to see and hear the fans in the crowd chanting the words to our songs, and they know them all word for word," says Matt Wagner, bassist for 5BD and founder of the Orlando Metal Awards.

Given their increasingly enthusiastic reception, the band has decided to take the logically obvious step and release their debut CD. However, its contents are not that of your typical band bow. The self-titled disc contains four songs and three videos, which is an uncommon approach, but one that banks on 5BD's incomparable live presence. Featuring their local radio hit "Parts," the audio portion of the disc was produced by Jason Suecof of Audiohammer studios, who is partly responsible for signing Orlando's Trivium to Roadrunner Records (Slipknot, Soulfly). Not surprisingly, the disc easily captures the aggressive metal that defines the band's sound.

The videos were shot at a recent show at Eddie C's in Gainesville and were never intended for use. "But when we saw the end results, we just had to show it off. The idea was to make it easy as possible for people and record labels who had never seen 5BD live to have the opportunity to check us out," Wagner says, noting the other purpose behind the disc's release.

Because local clubs are more reluctant to allow all-ages shows, 5BD rarely get to play for their target audience: The Kids. Accordingly, the band will play two CD release shows at Will's Pub on the same day. "By playing both an early and a late show, we expect to have two packed houses; one for the kids, and one for the adults," Wagner says.

For the shows, Wagner says to expect "free T-shirts, free CDs, fun, games, beer, hot metal babes and nine of Orlando's best metal bands."

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