Caveman Cult gets savage tonight at Uncle Lou's

Caveman Cult gets savage tonight at Uncle Lou's
Photo via Caveman Cult/Bandcamp
Miami war metal trio Caveman Cult are poised to lay waste to Uncle Lou's Friday, March 25, on a bill that includes Accursed Creator, Infinite Earths, Masticator and Visioner.

And really, hyperbole is the only way to properly describe the utterly over-the-top, primitive, speed-fueled metal that Caveman Cult create. 

Caveman Cult's 2014 debut Rituals of Savagery was an utterly deranged mix of black and death metal tropes with war metal's inexorable charge, lacking even the slightest hint of melody or subtlety. Caveman Cult is full-on ritual spectacle live, with spikes, blood and extreme volume aplenty. Make sure to keep an eye out for Rick Smith (Torche, Shitstorm), indulging in rampant drum abuse.

The show starts at 8 p.m. 

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