Band of the Week: Witchbender

Welcome to Orlando Weekly's "Band of the Week." Every week, we highlight one of our favorite local bands. This week, we're pleased to bring you Witchbender.

Witchbender is playing Punk on the Patio at 64 North with Arms and Engraved on Tuesday, Feb. 6.

Just the facts:

When did the band form?
Witchbender’s first show was the 11th of March, 2013. Since then, the band has dissolved and reassembled itself multiple times. The current iteration of Witchbender is pretty fresh.

Who's in the band?
A revolving cast of personalities from–but not limited to–bands like Crit, Flashlights, Waxed, Gillian Carter, Ad Nauseum, and Flying Limbs. Currently we are Logan Rivera on drums, Glenn Stefani on Guitar, William Powell on Bass, Terry Caudill on guitar, and Julio Felix as an over-encompassing personality. Who is the heart throb of the band? Logan, hands down.

Currently available releases:
Our first album, Problem Child, can be sought out at


Describe your sound in five words:

Five questions:

What has been your most memorable show so far?
This iteration of the band hasn’t hit a memorable one yet. We are all so busy that we haven’t had the chance to take in the sights. We aren’t a grind band, but we be on that grind, maaaaan.

Which local band is your favorite one to play a show with?
We haven’t played with a local band we liked since False Punk. They were kindred spirits. Too many similar bands take themselves too seriously and are toxic to the culture. Stop selling kids blow and start fucking shredding.

What description gets used for your band that you would most like to correct people on? Why?
“You sound like Pissed Jeans,” and to that, we say “Thanks!”

What’s your favorite thing about being an Orlando band? What's your least favorite? Why?
Like Florida orange juice, we’re hard-pressed to find a favorite thing about being an Orlando band. Least favorite is certainly the lack of all-ages venues, the amount of indoor smoking, the exclusivity and elitism that raises the bar of entry into the community, the concept of “we don’t want to play shows unless they make our band look good” that runs rampant, and, again, the lack of fucking all-ages venues! It’s killing our community! And the fucking drugs! Stop selling kids blow!

Any big news to share?
Don’t take us seriously. You’ll be hearing from us sooner or later.

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