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Emmit Dobbyn

Welcome to Orlando Weekly's "Band of the Week." Every week, we highlight one of our favorite local bands. This week, we're pleased to bring you Marc Sidoreous, a.k.a. Marc With a C.

Marc With a C is playing the Orlando Overdrive show on April 22 at the Geek Easy.

Just the facts:

When did the band form?
I've been playing shows as Marc With a C since late 1999. I was a fill-in when the band I worked for was late getting onstage, and the bookings haven't really stopped since. I'm incredibly lucky. My current backing band, The Marc With a C Trio, has been working together since 2015. I like playing with them just as much as the intimate quieter shows, really.

Who's in the band?
I play guitar and sing, occasionally throwing in a mosquito solo with the aid of a kazoo. Emmit Dobbyn plays the bass guitar and sings once in awhile if we ask nicely. Jim Myers (also of Milk Carton Superstars) does the drumming, as well as the heavy lifting for the harmonies.

Upcoming shows:
I'm playing at a show called Orlando Overdrive on April 22nd at The Geek Easy with my band. It's a mini-festival type of spotlight on nerdy Orlando musicians, and the bill was decided on by popular vote. I'm lucky to have a very devoted and loyal listener base that really wanted to see me at this gig. It'll also be the last show I'm doing for a short period of time, so I'm excited to "make this one count", as they say.

Currently available releases:

I have released an immeasurable amount of music since 1999. My last record of new original music is called Unicorns Get More Bacon and it is is available on pink and blue swirled vinyl. The Marc With a C Trio made a live-in-the-studio cassette called CARK, which sees us running through thirty songs from my past all in one take, and oddly sounds better than most of my official releases. All of my in-print albums can be found at!

Patreon (for the especially hardcore, of course)

Describe your sound in five words:
Sarcastic brand new classic rock.

Five questions:

What has been your most memorable show so far?
The most memorable overall was popping my knee out of socket during my second song at the Nerdapalooza festival in 2010. The audience had paid around thirty bucks to see me play, and when I "came to" after the initial shock, I somehow reached down, shoved my leg-parts back into place and finished the show because I didn't want to rip people off. I feel bad because I cut a song off of my setlist so I could get to the emergency room a little bit quicker. I usually remember the painful gigs most vividly.

Which local band is your favorite one to play a show with?
I don't really have a mental hierarchy of preferable performing partners, but whenever I'm on a bill with EyeQ, he's such a motivational and positive personality that those gigs always end up being just wonderful. Also, he's very tall and seems to be forgetful about it, so you get the bonus of watching people struggling to jump to give him high fives all night.

What description gets used for your band that you would most
like to correct people on? Why?
Comedian. I'm not a comedian. I don't mind if you laugh, but there's just as much sadness, anger and lovey-dovey subject matter as there is "humorous" material in any given show or album of mine. In the cases where we're all sharing a laugh, I'm usually aiming for "fun" rather than "funny", but I'm also just happy that anyone is listening to the songs I've made up at all, so the descriptors don't really tend to keep me up at night. I'll say this, though: all of the Marc With a C tattoos that exist in the world are based on songs that don't have punchlines.

What’s your favorite thing about being an Orlando band? What's your least favorite? Why?
Favorite thing is that Orlando is a very neat town. I like this place, as well as most of the businesses and the people, and I also love our comparatively progressive point of view - compared to your average southern town, of course. I'm not going to tell you a "least favorite" as it would be unfair: I just happen to live in Orlando and don't tour often. The bulk of my record sales come from places that are not Florida. I live here because I like it, but it'd be a bit unfair to consider myself an "Orlando musician". I don't take part in a lot of the hobnobbing and staying up to date with the oodles of talented people here, so to pick a least favorite thing would be complaining for the sake of complaining - I'd have no right to do so.

Any big news to share?
Yes! As many of the albums I've made in the last seventeen or so years have been rather lo-fi, for my next album I'm travelling to Canada to make my next album with Jordon Zadorozny. He's from the band Blinker The Star, but he's also produced albums by Melissa Auf der Maur, Chris Cornell, co-wrote some songs from Hole's Celebrity Skin album. I skipped school to buy his second record the minute it went on sale in 1996 (back when such things were necessary for record geeks), so this is a major dream come true for me. We'll be having Kramer mastering it - you might recognize him from Bongwater, Butthole Surfers or Shockabilly. It's my version of "go big or go home", and we're running a Patreon so that people can help me afford the trip and production costs while getting some bonus material in return. I've never been more excited to make an album than this one, and I hope that everyone else will enjoy it. Even if it's just through vicariously watching me achieve all of my teenage musical fantasies. I'll also be putting out a separate EP this summer that will bridge Unicorns Get More Bacon and the Canada record together, and I'll get back to doing some shows around the time of it's release. I wish it were already out, but the recent vinyl resurgence has made it take quite awhile to get your records pressed. The EP has been finished since January, but I have to wait for my number to come up in the queue before the French plant can mint it. Though it's pretty neat that this EP will be stamped on the same machines that did all of the early Dischord records!

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