What to watch this week: 'Stylish With Jenna Lyons,' 'Bugs Bunny's 24-Carrot Holiday Special' and more glamorous streaming premieres

'Stylish With Jenna Lyons' premieres Thursday
'Stylish With Jenna Lyons' premieres Thursday Photo via HBO

Premieres Wednesday: Alien Worlds – A four-part documentary series examines the possibility of life on other planets. Hey, if it can happen in Sumter County, it can happen anywhere. (Netflix)

Premieres Thursday: Anything for Jackson – Bereaved grandparents kidnap a pregnant woman and try to implant the soul of their dead grandson into the fetus she's carrying. And if anything ever sounded like a job for Ben Carson ... (Shudder)

Bugs Bunny's 24-Carrot Holiday Special – A snowball fight between Bugs and Elmer Fudd is the centerpiece of this collection of new animated shorts. Snowballs? In my day, that little fucker used dynamite! (HBO Max)

My Gift: A Christmas Special From Carrie Underwood – The gift better be a replacement for that four-by-four you trashed, you psycho. (HBO Max)

Stylish With Jenna Lyons – The former J. Crew president tries out potential minions for her new design brand. It's like The Apprentice, but with sweaters instead of Adderall. (HBO Max)

Premieres Friday: Godmothered – Jillian Bell (Brittany Runs a Marathon) plays a fairy godmother who's fighting to keep her profession from becoming obsolete. And then if she's really up for a challenge, let's see what she can do for community theater. (Disney+)

The Great British Baking Show: Holidays – Season 3 brings back some past contestants to whip up Christmas goodies that'll appeal to any sweet tooth. Your favorite joke about British dental care goes here! (Netflix)

The Hardy Boys: Complete Season 1 – Frank and Joe return in a reboot that might do for these adolescent sleuths what HBO's Perry Mason did for ... you know what? Bad example. (Hulu)

Mank – David Fincher directed this Hollywood historical drama that views the filming of Citizen Kane through the eyes of screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz (Gary Oldman). Meanwhile, over on TCM: Ben Mankiewicz tries to pronounce "mise-en-scène." (Netflix)

Selena the Series – Stepping into the shoes of Jennifer Lopez, Christian Serratos plays the influential but doomed Tejano singer. Remember that name: Christian Serratos. If she plays her cards right, in 10 years she'll have a bunch of hit singles that are all entirely about her ass. (Netflix)

Sound of Metal – What happens to a heavy metal drummer when he begins to lose his hearing? You pay him for the pizza! No, wait. That's what you do when a heavy metal drummer appears on your doorstep. Never mind. (Amazon Prime)

Premieres Saturday: Detention – The video game of the same name becomes an eight-episode horror series set in a Taiwan that's under martial law. "Dodged that bullet," says the state of Michigan. (Netflix)

Premieres Tuesday: Mr. Iglesias – Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias is back in the role of this generation's Gabe Kaplan as Season 2 of his classroom sitcom concludes. Next stop: a Fast Break remake! Next stop after that: irrelevance! (Netflix)

The Surgeon's Cut – Documentary cameras follow four medical professionals who are breaking new ground in the field of surgery. Sure, but can they implant the soul of your dead grandson into a kidnapped pregnant woman? (Netflix)

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