Streaming premieres this week: ‘Own the Room,’ ‘Kid 90,’ ‘Stay Out of the F---ing Attic’ and more

'Own the Room,' about student entrepreneurs, debuts Friday on Disney+
'Own the Room,' about student entrepreneurs, debuts Friday on Disney+ Photo courtesy of Future of Work Film via Disney+

Premieres Wednesday: Dealer — France is the setting for a found-footage drama series in which a drug dealer conscripts a music-video director to help him become a rapper. Boy, these remakes of Pygmalion are getting edgier and edgier. (Netflix)

Last Chance U Basketball — The popular reality sports series gets a hoops-centric spin-off, with eight episodes that follow the East Los Angeles College Huskies as they hustle for a championship. Watch them give it the old community-college try! (Netflix)

Marriage or Mortgage — A wedding planner and a real-estate agent vie for the money of a newly engaged couple in a reality show that asks which is more important: a big blowout of a wedding all your friends and relatives can attend? Or a house where you and your spouse can live in intimate misery forever? (Netflix)

Premieres Thursday:

Genera+ion — Martha Plimpton headlines the cast of a dramedy series about a conservative community that can't stop its teenagers from having sex. Hey, no surprise there. Only one thing can stop a teenager from having sex: another teenager with better skin. (HBO Max)

Stay Out of the F---ing Attic — There it is, the title a thousand 1970s grindhouse features were leading up to. And it even has a story attached, with a moving company made up entirely of ex-cons facing danger in a haunted house. Can't wait for the sequel, The Crawlspace Is No F---ing Shangri-La Either. (Shudder)

Premieres Friday:

Kid 90 — Back when she was the star of Punky Brewster (OK, the first time), Soleil Moon Frye captured personal video footage of a ton of her industry friends, including Brian Austin Green, Stephen Dorff and David Arquette. And now we get to watch all of it. Because "have to" is technically inaccurate in a free country. (Hulu)

Making Their Mark — On the other hand, our options are still so limited that there's a potential audience for a documentary series about the 2020 Australian Football League season. Bet it does gangbusters in Orlando, where we've been pretending to enjoy soccer for years now. (Amazon Prime)

The One — Relationship issues take on a sci-fi slant in a series set in the near future, when you can locate your true soulmate through DNA matching. Meanwhile, I can't even get OkCupid to filter out Deltona. (Netflix)

Own the Room — Five student entrepreneurs from across the globe compete to have their business idea pronounced the best in the world and to win a $100,000 grand prize in the bargain. See, if they were over on HBO Max, they'd get to have actual sex. (Disney+)

Paper Lives — Tender cross-generational drama, with the manager of a solid-waste warehouse in Istanbul forming a close bond with an 8-year-old who's been separated from his parents. You snooze, you lose, Mom and Dad: Junior is going to remember your loose grasp when he's become the Elon Musk of solid waste. (Netflix)

Yes Day — Jennifer Garner and Édgar Ramírez play parents who decide to let their three children set the family rules for 24 hours. It's like The Purge, but with greater potential for catastrophic blood loss. (Netflix)

Premieres Tuesday:

Rebell Comedy: Straight Outta the Zoo — A bunch of German stand-up comics offer their irreverent take on a variety of social phenomena, via routines delivered in their famously whimsical mother tongue. Or we could just watch soccer! (Netflix)

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