Soothe not-OK Boomers this Thanksgiving with Disney+'s new Beatles documentary

Plus 22 more streaming debuts this week

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Soothe angry Boomers this Thanksgiving with Disney+'s new Beatles documentary
image via Disney+

Premieres Wednesday, Nov. 24: Hanna — In her third and final season, the teenage hit girl has to contend with a formidable new adversary played by Ray Liotta. (Yes, younger readers, there was a time when Ray Liotta was considered intimidating in ways that didn't involve trying to shove Chantix down your throat at 3 a.m.) (Amazon Prime)

Do, Re & Mi Holiday Special: Merry Nestivus — The trio of singing cartoon birds whose series debuted this fall branch out with a special that continues their mission of teaching preschoolers about the wonders of music. Lesson No. 1: When the lead vocalist offers to pee on your friend, make sure you have your cellphone ready! (Amazon Prime)

Hawkeye — Now that he has his own series, can we please stop dragging poor Clint Barton? "All he does is shoot arrows!" Yeah, and he's an Avenger, so I guess he's pretty good at it, huh? Besides, some of y'all used to think Ant-Man was pretty silly too. And now even People magazine knows that guy is swimming in poon. (Disney+)

Robin Robin — The great Aardman Animation gifts us with a half-hour stop-motion musical about a bird who's being raised by a family of mice. In the big reveal, we learn they stole her from the nest because her real parents planned on getting her vaccinated. (Netflix)

Bruised — Halle Berry directed her own performance as a washed-up MMA fighter on the comeback trail. I mean, she directed everybody else in the movie too, but I bet she's not going to be pushing quite as hard for them to get an Oscar. (Have I mentioned recently that she's terrible?) (Netflix)

Selling Sunset — Christine's pregnancy and Heather's wedding are two of the real-life developments fans may get to witness in Season 4 of this show about top-earning Los Angeles realtors. And if you can cobble together this month's $2,000 rent for your studio apartment under an I-4 overpass, you'll have someplace to watch! (Netflix)

True Story — Kevin Hart flexes his dramatic muscles by playing a stand-up comic whose success is threatened by his problematic older brother (Wesley Snipes). Hart's real-life brother Robert has seven episodes to decide if he should be offended. But I mean, that title seems like a pretty big clue. (Netflix)

Premieres Thursday, Nov. 25: The Beatles: Get Back — I've actually heard people voice concern that Peter Jackson's documentary about the Fab Four's swan song could present a more harmonious portrait than what we saw in Let It Be. Yes, concern. Listen, folks, if you think the unpleasant side of a relationship is the only "honest" one, maybe the group that sang "We Can Work It Out" isn't the one for you. But I'm sure Taylor Swift would appreciate 10 minutes of your time. (Disney+)

F Is for Family — In the fifth and final season of the '70s-set animated comedy, the death of Big Bill inspires son Frank to be a better father himself. Hell, in the real 1970s, not even Michael Landon could make us be better dads. What chance does one measly death have? (Netflix)

South Park: Post COVID — Trey Parker and Matt Stone's portrayal of a world after the coronavirus is the first of a whopping 14 new South Park films they plan on making. Now all they need is another 13 pandemics for inspiration. Step it up, Arkansas! (Paramount+)

Super Crooks — This Japanese-made anime about a team of supervillains assembled for a big caper is based on the work of American comics giant Mark Millar (Kick-Ass). Kind of refreshing to see the cultural appropriation flowing in the opposite direction for once, huh? It's like Robert Johnson and the Devil teaming up to record a tribute to Jimmy Page. (Netflix)

Premieres Friday, Nov. 26: Angèle — Reportedly, the titular pop chanteuse is using the occasion of her first-ever documentary to confirm that she's bisexual. And also that she's Belgian, although that part wasn't exactly a secret. (Netflix)

Anni da cane (Dog Years) — Italy sends us a feature-length comedy in which one canine and one car accident combine to teach a young girl the value of life. That sounds like something you're really going to want to look up on — or, as they call it in Italy, (Amazon Prime)

A Castle for Christmas — Brooke Shields don't need no stinking Hallmark! As executive producer of her very own holiday romcom, she's cast herself as an American novelist who falls for a Scottish castle and its prickly owner (Cary Elwes). Fine, Brooke, but that's two Colorado candle-shop owners you're leaving for Debra Messing. (Netflix)

Madagascar: A Little Wild Holiday Goose Chase — In this animated Christmas special, Melman the giraffe and his friends tear-ass around New York trying to return a lost goose to his family. And you thought there was no more room for a good goose in New York since Cuomo had to step down! (Hulu and Peacock)

School of Chocolate — Eight aspiring pastry chefs vie to win the judges' favor with confections fashioned entirely from chocolate. And it isn't as if they can just Google "What can you do with chocolate," because that only takes you to the lyrics of a Bootsy Collins track from 1975. (Netflix)

Premieres Sunday, Nov. 27: Elves — This six-episode Danish series shows what happens when the worlds of humans and elves collide. Speaking of which, did you know Katie Couric has a book out? (Netflix)

Venga Juan — The nation of Spain shows us what it can manage in the way of social satire, as personified by an ex-politico whose attempt to transition into the world of big business is hampered by the skeletons in his closet. Skeleton No. 1: He used to score fake IDs for Inigo Montoya. (HBO Max)

Premieres Monday, Nov. 29: 14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible — The entire world is waiting to see if one fearless mountaineer was able to climb all of the world's 8,000-meter peaks within seven months. Except America, which needs to know what that is in miles first. (Netflix)

Burning — Australian filmmaker Eva Orner's documentary about the tragic bushfires that hit her country two years ago made a big splash at the Sydney Film Festival, where it won the event's first-ever Sustainable Future Award. Fun fact: The award is made entirely out of Styrofoam. (Amazon Prime)

Premieres Tuesday, Nov. 30: Lead Me Home — The plight of the homeless on America's West Coast is probed in an "immersive" 39-minute documentary. See, this is how the indigent get shafted in this country: They don't even rate a full-length feature? Christ, Dune was two and a half hours, and those people chose to live in worm-riddled sand. (Netflix)

Mo Amer: Mohammed in Texas — The Palestinian-American comedian performs before an audience in his hometown of Houston. For added fun, you can watch the entire audience be redistricted while he speaks! (Netflix)

The Summit of the Gods — And just as you're getting over your acrophobia from yesterday's 14 Peaks, here comes an anime flick about a photojournalist who throws in his lot with a bunch of insanely committed mountain climbers. I guess the gods of streaming decided you really needed a nosebleed this week. But speaking as somebody who can get dizzy just by standing on ceremony, I really would have preferred one of those 13 other South Park movies instead. (Netflix)

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