Seth McFarlane promises all sort of improvements to ‘The Orville’ as his space opera moves from network to streaming

In Season 3 of "The Orville," Seth McFarlane and his team promise new sets, new costumes and more expansive storylines.
In Season 3 of "The Orville," Seth McFarlane and his team promise new sets, new costumes and more expansive storylines. image courtesy Fox/Hulu
What's new on Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Apple TV+ this week.

Premieres Wednesday:

Club Mickey Mouse (SEA Version) — I know you might be worried that your favorite streaming services are going to be cutting corners in the month of June by offering less in the way of bleeding-edge programming. To put your mind at ease, here's the latest iteration of Disney's 67-year old Mickey Mouse Club franchise. The Malaysian version. The fourth season of it, which premiered almost everywhere else in the world nearly a year ago. Listen, a company has to make ends meet somehow when it's blown the budget on National Geographic pickups from 1995. (Disney+)

Premieres Thursday:

Borgen: Power & Glory — The Danish political drama returns for a fourth season, with a standalone narrative that turns on the discovery of oil in Greenland. The intrigue that ensues involves Russian skullduggery and climate change — two plot points your half-uncle from Apopka will file under "the willing suspension of disbelief." (Netflix)

The Orville: New Horizons — Seth McFarlane's space opera never managed to be much more than a cult item on network TV, but now that it's moving to streaming for its third season, he and his team are promising all kinds of improvements. New sets! New costumes! And a malleability with running times that will allow for bolder, more expansive storylines! Gosh, I haven't been this excited by the potential rejuvenation of a sci-fi franchise since Fred Freiberger took over Space: 1999. Uh-oh. (Hulu)

Premieres Friday:

As the Crow Flies — In this Turkish-made drama series, a young media apprentice who reveres a successful news anchor is dismayed to learn that the world they both inhabit is full of intrigue and ethical compromise. And just wait until they get her up to speed on replacement theory! (Netflix)

The Boys — Season 3 of the gleefully deconstructive superhero series adapts one of the most notorious storylines from the source comic: "Herogasm," in which humanity's outwardly virtuous protectors gather for a clandestine orgy of sexual depravity. Madison Cawthorn tried to warn you, but did you listen? (Amazon Prime)

Fire Island — Vacationing friends encounter romantic trials and tribulations in a same-sex adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. The very existence of this program seems designed to teach your kids the important lesson that gay folks can be the sort of people you want to avoid as desperately as straights. (Hulu)

Floor Is Lava 2 — Yes, it is possible to make a successful reality competition out of a game you can play with just your two feet and some imagination — which doesn't portend a rosy future for your mama's back. Anyway, the second season of Floor Is Lava incorporates some fresh challenges, including what TV Insider calls "a huge and slippery volcano." You may know it from its past appearances in Madonna's NFTs. (Netflix)

Hollywood Stargirl — In the 2020 flick Stargirl, the title teen showed the residents of her Arizona town how to be themselves. Two years later, she's trying to do the same for her new home of Los Angeles. Will she succeed? Hahahaha! You can't even get people in L.A. to commit to their original face! (Disney+)

Interceptor — Elsa Pataky of the Fast and the Furious series headlines an Australian-made adventure in which she has to protect a missile interceptor base from a rogue U.S. military intelligence officer. Silly Aussies! Like there's anything other than a "rogue" U.S. military intelligence officer. (Netflix)

Mr. Good: Cop or Crook? — I'm not really sure why that's an "or" proposition, either. But give the Norwegians credit for their idealism as they present us with a sure-to-be riveting docuseries about the time their country's most respected lawman was suspected of drug trafficking. What this show really needs is that narrator from Rocky and Bullwinkle: "Don't miss our next episode, 'I'll See You in Sunny Scandal-navia,' or 'Oslo As You Can Go!'" (Netflix)

Physical — In Season 2 of the '80s-set dark comedy, up-and-coming aerobics magnate Sheila (Rose Byrne) experiences extramarital temptation while trying to follow in the footsteps of a fitness idol who has his own infomercial. If the series keeps getting renewed until it reaches the '90s, bet on her jumping the fence and moving in with Susan Powter. (Apple TV+)

Surviving Summer — After being bounced out of two schools back home, a trouble-prone American girl is shuttled off to Australia, where she finds a new life among the surfer culture that thrives Down Under. Forget what I said about those people being naive: At this point, being shut out of America's schools is just about the safest thing that could happen to a kid. And the most lethal heat the Australians are packing these days is growing on a Hemsworth. (Netflix)


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