Opening in Orlando: Peterloo, Amazing Grace and more

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Peterloo Photo courtesy of Amazon Studios

Opening Wednesday:

Amazing Grace It takes a while for the staff at Maitland's Enzian Theater to clean up after each edition of the Florida Film Festival. They have to survey the grounds for structural damage. Hose down the porta-potties. And find suitable homes for any babies that were born during the event. Oh wait, that's Burning Man. Anyway, it's still a big job. So the theater customarily shuts down for a few days after the festival wraps. Enzian reopens for regular business Friday, and on the marquee is an enticing holdover from the FFF. Amazing Grace documents a landmark performance the late Aretha Franklin gave at a church in Watts – a performance that reinforced her gospel roots to an appreciative audience of fans and parishioners (and, presumably, Fred Sanford). The film went uncompleted for decades, and even when it was finished, Franklin tried to block its release. But now she's dead, so WE don't have to suffer anymore! I love a happy ending. (Now somebody adopt those kids.) (NR)

Avengers: Endgame The Russo brothers and Disney are petrified that fanboys and -girls will spoil the plot of Endgame. But I think they're just being a bunch of worrywarts. I mean, the new Hellboy has been out for weeks, and nobody's saying a single word about it! But just to be extra careful, we aren't even printing our review of Endgame in this week's paper. You'll have to log on to to check out Thaddeus McCollum's take, because that's how committed we are to keeping even minor spoilers under wraps. (Trust us, it has absolutely nothing to do with editorial deadlines and screening times. Heaven forfend!) So long as we're on the job, no innocent naif is going to leaf through this paper and stumble across confirmation of the popular fan theory that Ant-Man defeats Thanos by entering his body through the anus and then reassuming normal size. We're saving that sort of thing for the wild west of the internet. You can thank us later. (Pssst: The theory is bunk. Thanos has a vag.) (PG-13)

Also playing:

Kalank If the phrase "Indian partition" strikes you as something to look for at Bed Bath & Beyond, you might benefit from Kalank, a Bollywood extravaganza that's set just before the 1947 separation of India and Pakistan into two separate countries Herman Cain has never heard of. Against that backdrop of sweeping change, two men engage in a bitter rivalry that doesn't just pertain to politics, but also encompasses adultery, illicit parentage and polygamy. Damn, and I already made my Herman Cain joke. (NR; playing at Universal Cinemark at CityWalk and Touchstar Cinemas Southchase 7)

Peterloo Mike Leigh's latest drama is described as revisiting an ugly chapter in British history. Which raises the question, "There are other chapters?" The film marks the 200th anniversary of the Peterloo massacre, in which government militiamen mowed down a crowd of reformists. It's a Mike Leigh movie – can't they just talk it out? (PG-13; playing at Regal Winter Park Village Stadium 20 & RPX)

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