Opening in Orlando: 'Legends of Oz,' 'Neighbors,' 'Moms' Night Out'

Movies opening in Orlando theaters this week

Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s ReturnThe Baum family’s eagerness to exploit – I mean, “further” – patriarch L. Frank’s legacy is why we have this animated musical, which premiered last year in France but is only now getting a wide stateside release. The use of Lea Michele’s tonsils as the voice of Dorothy is ostensibly the big draw, but the theater geeks in your social circle will be hooked in by the casting of Bernadette Peters and Megan Hilty, who played mother and daughter on the late, endearingly awful SMASH. Interestingly, Peters here voices the character of Glinda the Good Witch … which just happens to be the same part Hilty played on Broadway in Wicked. Hey, don’t laugh! How much time do you spend memorizing RBIs? (PG) – Steve Schneider

Moms’ Night OutFilmmakers Jon and Andrew Erwin of the anti-abortion polemic October Baby continue to let us know what they think women should be up to, this time via a comedy about moms who make the mistake of having their husbands watch the kids so they can enjoy an evening out on the town. That’ll learn the selfish cunnies to stay in the kitchen! But lest you worry that the Erwins’ perspective is, shall we say, skewed, they’ve actually let a real live female-type-person co-write this thing – namely Andrea Gyertson Nasfell, whose oeuvre as a screenwriter is heavily reliant on the concepts of angels, missionaries and Christmas. See? Diversity out the wazoo. (PG) – SS

NeighborsYou just knew that if you waited long enough, somebody would appropriate the title of John Belushi’s last movie; if they did it with Something’s Gotta Give, any dead star is fair game. In this case, the “somebody” is actor-producer Seth Rogen, whose unwatchably self-congratulatory This Is the End cemented his status as the most loathsome and unnecessary human being in Hollywood. In Neighbors, he’s a husband and father at war with the fraternity brothers next door. Sounds like a whole lot of “funny” for Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and the rest of their buddies to hoot over while they watch it in Rogen’s home screening room, oblivious to the fact that they themselves qualify as frat rats of the worst order. And not in the good, Belushi-in-Animal-House sense. (R) – SS

Also playing:

Dom HemingwayAs a paroled criminal who wants his life back, Jude Law is doughy and rude, bearded and maniacal – and damned funny, too. While the movie itself is a tick below Snatchand Bronsonwhen it comes to similar black comedies, the star’s performance is his third winner in a row. A Matthew McConaughey streak in the making, maybe? (R) – Rob Boylan

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