Opening in Orlando: Echoes of War, Mad Max: Fury Road, Pitch Perfect 2

Opening in Orlando: Echoes of War, Mad Max: Fury Road, Pitch Perfect 2

Echoes of War In this period drama, two Texas families that have been dealt a tragic hand by the Civil War respond by waging a war of their own. Against each other, we mean – not against that evil Yankee government that's just going to wait 140 years to steal their land and lock them up inside a Walmart. Ain't it always the way? (R)

Mad Max: Fury Road Once upon a time, the big hook of seeing this thing in a theater was going to be catching your first glimpse of the trailer to Batman v. Superman. There was also a time when George Miller was going to be the director who brought the Justice League to the screen, instead of having to crawl back up the asshole of his own legacy to finally reveal what happened between Mad Max and The Road Warrior. Fury Road has Tom Hardy in a silly mask (which would have worked for The Dark Knight Rises, if not for that meddling James Eagan Holmes). It has Charlize Theron as a futuristic princess (which would have worked for Aeon Flux, if not for ... well, Charlize Theron and Aeon Flux). And it has a cameo by Mel Gibson (which would have worked for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, if not for that whole international-banking-conspiracy thing). (R)

Pitch Perfect 2 Does it send a bad message that one of the characters in the Pitch Perfect franchise is named "Fat Amy"? Maybe so, but it sure frees me up to summarize the whole affair as "Glee for fat people." This time, our a cappella heroines are swimming in deeper waters (you know – just like Shelley Winters!), as they enter an international singing contest no American team has ever won. And if that doesn't work out, there's always marathon hot dog eating. (Hey, I didn't start it!) (PG-13)

Held over:

Welcome to Me On her way to becoming one of the Only Ghostbusters You Should Care About, Kristen Wiig keeps one foot in the waters of indie cred by starring in another honest-to-goodness not-rated-by-the-MPAA indie character study. In this one, she plays an emotionally disturbed lottery winner who starts a talk show to broadcast her personal business to the world. Yep, it's The Oprah Story. Can't wait to hear how Wiig pulls off the voice. (Early Oscar buzz: a Best Supporting nom for Bill Hader, as Steadman.) (NR)

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