Opening in Orlando: Batman v Superman, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and The Disappointments Room

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Opening in Orlando: Batman v Superman, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and The Disappointments Room

Batman v Superman It isn't like there's much riding on this movie or anything – just the entire future of the DC Cinematic Universe. Industry promo claims that the film is on track to do a whopping $120 million in its first weekend, which is the Marco Rubio way of saying that the first-ever feature to bring together Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman will not match Deadpool. Whatever the final take, those Batman stand-alone films directed by and starring Ben Affleck will probably happen, since Warner Bros. allowed him to bring in his Argo scriptwriter, Chris Terrio, to totally rehab Bats v Supes before the cameras rolled. As for director Zack Snyder, whose last three films for the studio underperformed both artistically and commercially, he's already hard at work on the first of the two promised Justice League movies. That guy has more lives than ... I was going to say Deadpool. (PG-13)

The Disappointments Room I had to go and mention The Amityville Horror last week, and now here's another movie based on the ostensibly true-life travails of a family whose new home has a secret room and a shadowy past. The film itself has had quite a history, getting caught up for a while in the bankruptcy of Relativity Media – which even had to sue at one point to prevent the flick from being released in Europe. God, the motions I'd file to prevent most pictures from being shown here. (NR)

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 In the sequel to the runaway romcom hit of the aughts, our heroine, Toula, is married and dealing with a whole new set of personal crises revolving around her teenage daughter. Wait a minute, her teenage daughter? Yep, it's been a full 14 years since the first My Big Fat Greek Wedding gave monologists around the world hope that their one-person show could pay off big-time. (Hey, how's that Fringe circuit working out for ya, guys? Tired of all the couchsurfing yet?) Adding to the sense of disorientation, that teenage daughter we were talking about is already college-bound in 2 Fat 2 Greek, meaning she's one particularly advanced 14-year-old. Must be all the Windex. (PG-13)

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