No End in Sight

No End in Sight
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Our Rating: 5.00
The only suitable expression one can have after a viewing of No End in Sight is one of speechless horror. Even those who have studied the Iraq quagmire in detail from day one will find reasons to be shocked in this all-encompassing piece of filmed journalism/historical document/Exhibit A in the hypothetical impeachment of George W. Bush. It condenses the findings and revelations of Bob Woodward's essential read State of Denial, while uncovering even more intricately disturbing facets of the greatest military blunder in our lifetime. Eschewing Michael Moore theatrics and left-wing choir-preaching, director Charles Ferguson interviews nonpartisan sources from within the Departments of Defense and State ' figures as important to post-war Iraq as Jay Garner, Barbara Bodine, Richard Armitage and Walter Slocombe ' plus military personnel, Iraqi civilians and media insiders. Not surprisingly, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Bremer ' the man responsible for what the movie cogently argues is the disastrous decision that spawned the insurgency, the disbanding of the Iraqi army ' declined to be interviewed. You'll leave the picture shaken and stirred, knowing that if the right people were in charge, this whole Iraq thing could have worked. To call this film a 'must-seeâ?� is an understatement.
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