New on Netflix: The death of Princess Di looms large in the final season of ‘The Crown’

Plus everything else debuting this week on Hulu, Apple TV+, Max, Prime Video and the rest of the streaming platforms

The death of Princess Di looms large in The Crown’s last season.
The death of Princess Di looms large in The Crown’s last season. Photo courtesy of Netflix

Premieres Wednesday:

Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 Story — Look back on the success story of the 2009 F1 racing season in a four-part documentary hosted by superfan Keanu Reeves. That was the year Keanu made The Day the Earth Stood Still, so of course he'd be fascinated by things that go by nice and fast. (Hulu)

Matt Rife: Natural Selection — According to eyewitness reports, the highlight of Rife's October show at the Dr. Phillips Center was when a woman in the audience had an epileptic seizure, declined medical help, and as a result became the focus of some of the comic's famous crowd work. This stand-up special was shot weeks earlier in D.C., so we'll probably just have to make do with a spontaneous sermon from Ashli Babbitt's mom. (Netflix)

Premieres Thursday:

The Crown Season 6 Part 1 — Series creator Peter Morgan reassured Variety that this final season's treatment of the death of Princess Diana will not include a re-creation of her fatal car crash. But it will show an imaginary Di conducting posthumous conversations with Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth. Hey, if she appears to Camilla too, it'll practically be Dickens. (Netflix)

Drive With Swizz Beatz — The rapper and his son travel to four different U.S. cities and two foreign countries to learn about the "car culture" found in each. Where I grew up, "car culture" meant "In which neighborhood do they leave these things unlocked?" (Hulu)

Julia — Season 2 finds Sarah Lancashire's Julia Child coping with the responsibilities of culinary fame. The upside is that you get to pass through a lot more velvet ropes. The downside is all the flaming bags of poo left on your doorstep by the Galloping Gourmet. (Max)

Premieres Friday:

All-Time High — The French give us their take on public fleecings in a romcom that sees a swindler trying to take advantage of a woman with vast reserves of cryptocurrency. I believe this is what's known as "being too late to the mark." (Netflix)

Amar é Para os Fortes — The video album by Brazilian singer rapper Marcelo D2 gets fleshed out into a series that explores the unlikely bond between two mothers: one whose preteen was killed and the other whose policeman son was responsible. Suddenly I have a great idea for a buddy comedy, if I can just get Ben Crump on the phone. (Prime Video)

Dashing Through the Snow — Chris "Ludacris" Bridges is an Atlanta social worker who's lost touch with the Christmas spirit and his daughter; Lil Rel Howery is the ersatz Santa who has an important message for both of them. Surprisingly, that message is "I'm just a delusional psychotic, and nothing in your lives is going to get better because God is deaf to all our miseries." Atlanta is one crazy town! (Disney+)

Holy Family — The second and final season shows Gloria and her brood getting ever more desperate to bury the shameful secrets of their past. But truth be told, it's going to be hard for them to resist the lure of tickets to that Creed reunion. (Netflix)

Maxine's Baby: The Tyler Perry Story — An intimate documentary charts the personal journey of the billionaire entertainment mogul, who rebounded from his abusive childhood to find fabulous success as the creator of Madea and other industry juggernauts. In other words, you'll learn how he turned some of the worst experiences of his life into some of the worst experiences of yours. (Prime Video)

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters — Kurt Russell and son Wyatt play the same character at different ages in a family-centric series set in the Godzilla Monsterverse. Expect an abrupt glossing over of that sad year when he was Matthew Broderick. (Apple TV+)

Nothing to See Here — At last, a series that's willing to ask the question, "Can a blind young Mexican become a successful stand-up comic with the help of his manager/best friend, who happens to have cerebral palsy?" Hey, why not? Get 'em tickets to a Matt Rife show and see what happens! (Netflix)

Please Don't Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain — In their very first feature-length comedy, the SNL video trio are on the hunt for a cache of buried gold. See, when you're trying to break into the big time, you always want to bypass the first City Slickers movie and go straight to the sequel for inspiration. (Peacock)

click to enlarge Colman Domingo is Bayard Rustin in this Netflix drama about the gay Black activist and MLK adviser - Photo courtesy of Netflix
Photo courtesy of Netflix
Colman Domingo is Bayard Rustin in this Netflix drama about the gay Black activist and MLK adviser

Rustin — Colman Domingo portrays Bayard Rustin, the gay Black activist and MLK adviser who played a key role in organizing the March on Washington. In the supporting role of NAACP executive director Roy Wilkins, Chris Rock lightens the mood with some humorous observations about Bull Connor's wife. (Netflix)

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off —Michael Cera and the rest of the leads from 2010's Scott Pilgrim vs. the World are back to voice their characters in an anime series adapted from the original comic. Among the "expanded universe" of details promised by returning director Edgar Wright are fleshed-out backstories for the evil exes. Because if you're going to shell out the big bucks for Brandon Routh, you'd better give him something to do. (Netflix)

The Secret Life of Dancing Dogs — Six human aspirants from all over converge on the U.K.'s Crufts dog show to show off the dance duets they've worked out with their pet. Makes you wonder: When one of the judges declares "That was the dog's bollocks," is she lavishing praise or complaining about her unfortunate viewing angle? (Hulu)

Premieres Saturday:

The Railway Men — A four-episode Indian-made series lays out the unfolding horrors of the 1984 gas leak from a Union Carbide plant that killed more than 4,000 citizens of Bhopal and injured half a million more. Some say it was the worst industrial disaster in history, but not everybody has heard Rob Zombie live. (Netflix)

Premieres Monday:

Stamped From the Beginning — Angela Davis is among the voices heard in a documentary adaptation of Ibram X. Kendi's 2016 book, which sought to skewer the narrow, reductive stereotypes white society has created about Black people. (If you want to know how it's going, my autocorrect changed "Ibram" to "Obama.") (Netflix)

Premieres Tuesday:

Bye Bye Barry — Former Detroit Lions great Barry Sanders explains why he retired abruptly at the apex of his career and flaked off to London instead. Well, it was 1999, and Coldplay were about to drop their first album; wouldn't you have wanted to be close to that kind of excitement? (Prime Video)

Leo — Determined to enjoy what could be his last year on Earth, a classroom turtle (voice of Adam Sandler) tries to escape the Florida school where he's been kept for decades. Also fleeing Florida schools like their life depends on it: teachers. (Netflix)

Mike Birbiglia: The Old Man and the Pool — After stints on Broadway and London's West End, comic monologist Birbiglia comes to streaming with this tale of how he staved off early death by taking up swimming. This is probably the wrong time to make any comparisons to Spalding Gray. (Netflix)

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