New on Netflix: David E. Kelley’s ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’ is yet another rich-wives-in-peril drama

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"Anatomy of a Scandal" hits Netflix Friday

Premieres Wednesday: Almost Happy — The Argentinian series about an emotionally conflicted radio personality enters its second season, with protagonist Sebastián still fixated on his former wife although she's become pregnant by someone else. A couple more seasons, and they're going to have to change the title of this show to Now You're Just Living in Denial. (Netflix)

Ice Age: Scrat Tales — In six new animated shorts, the hapless squirrel has to battle with his own child for control of his prized acorn. And if you give me five minutes, I'll figure out how this proves we need the estate tax. (Disney+)

Our Great National Parks — Barack Obama narrates a five-installment documentary about national parks around the world, from California to Kenya to Indonesia. Not to be outdone, The Former Guy intends to partner with OAN for a series called Great Strip-Mining Opportunities I Have Known. (Netflix)

Smother-in-Law — Remember when a lot of us thought the pandemic was going to last three weeks? Imagine you had allowed your mother-in-law to move in while you waited it out, only to realize there was no end in sight. That's the premise of a Brazilian sitcom that casts Rodrigo Sant'Anna as the COVID-era culmination of every Friars' Club joke ever written. (Netflix)

Premieres Thursday: The Garcias — Sometimes it seems as if streaming exists solely to revisit TV shows that were the shizz when you were in school. The latest float in the nostalgia parade is this sequel to Nickelodeon's The Brothers Garcia, which finds the title characters all grown up but still dealing with the ups and downs of being Latinx in Texas. Interestingly, some of the new show was shot in Mexico, which I guess means there are as many downs as ups? (HBO Max)

The Kardashians — All your friends who volunteer that they don't pay attention to the Kardashians will be happy there's a new show about the Kardashians for them to talk about not watching. While there are no signs yet that Pete Davidson will appear, Kim has indicated she'll at least discuss their relationship. That should provoke plenty of fun acting up on the part of Kanye for your friends who don't care about Kanye to talk about. (Hulu)

Killing It — Craig Robinson stars in this new sitcom as a divorced dad who teams up with an Uber driver to hunt snakes for profit. See, that's just my luck. The drivers I get only ever want to do it for fun. (Hulu)

Not So Pretty — In four documentary episodes, learn about the hidden health dangers of some of our most popular cosmetic products. "Oh, NOW you're worried," snorts a legion of blind rabbits. (HBO Max)

Ultraman — In Season 2, a blue-skinned alien menace tries to bully the Earth into sacrificing half its population. Gosh, that reminds me of something, but I just can't put my finger on it. Wait, I've got it! snaps fin ... (Netflix)

Premieres Friday: Anatomy of a Scandal — Intrigue experts David E. Kelley (Big Little Lies) and Melissa James Gibson (House of Cards) turn their attention across the pond to tell the story of a British MP who's accused of rape. Given what's been going on lately on those nutty islands, it's enough of a shock that the alleged victim was of legal age and the perp isn't in any way related to the Queen. (Netflix)

click to enlarge "Choose or Die" premieres Friday on Netflix - COURTESY PHOTO
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"Choose or Die" premieres Friday on Netflix

Choose or Die — When a lowly coder boots up a forgotten computer game from the 1980s, she finds that it's forcing her to make crucial decisions about the trajectory of reality itself. I'll tell ya, if I thought playing "The Oregon Trail" would give Mike Crapo dysentery, I'd be investing in a good set of floppies right now. (Netflix)

The Cellar — Elisha Cuthbert plays a mother who has to confront supernatural forces after her teenage daughter disappears into the basement of their new house. Remember when something similar happened to that little girl on The Twilight Zone? And then Homer Simpson? And Hulk Hogan? Oh, wait. That one was just the closet. (Shudder)

It's the Small Things, Charlie Brown — About half a century ago in the Peanuts strip, Lucy Van Pelt put the grown-up world on notice that it needed to iron out its problems before she herself reached adulthood. Long story short, neither of those things ever happened, which is how we can be getting a new Peanuts Earth Day special in 2022. The plot has Sally Brown trying to protect a dandelion that's grown on her brother's pitcher's mound, thus forcing a choice between environmental awareness and the continuation of the baseball season. If I were Chuck, I'd consider any interruption a gift from on high, because the chances of him ever winning a game are right up there with Congress passing the Green New Deal. (Apple TV+)

click to enlarge "Outer Range" premieres Friday on Amazon Prime - COURTESY PHOTO
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"Outer Range" premieres Friday on Amazon Prime

Outer Range — The mundane and the supernatural are juxtaposed in this Wyoming-set series, in which a rancher played by Josh Brolin has to wonder if the appearance of a mysterious black void on the outskirts of his property may have something to do with the disappearance of his daughter-in-law. But if you ask Sam Elliott, it's probably more due to his failings as a man. (Amazon Prime)

Roar — Nicole Kidman and Issa Rae are among the stars of an allegorical anthology series that shows women coping with modern pressures in a variety of unconventional ways, like eating family photographs and pursuing a deep and meaningful relationship with a duck. Right, like that ever did anything for Lea Thompson's career. (Apple TV+)

Rugrats — New episodes round out Season 1 of the computer-animated reboot, with plotlines including a wedding ceremony for Angelica's doll, Cynthia. That sound you hear is the Florida legislature fast-tracking a law to forbid any such thing, especially if Cynthia intends on marrying a Mexican. (Paramount+)

Premieres Tuesday: Battle Kitty — The Instagram account of animator Matt Layzell becomes an interactive 3D series that allows kids to guide the adventures of a superpowered kitten. Meanwhile, in real life, you can't even get them to FEED THE DAMN THING. (Netflix)

Pacific Rim: The Black — In the second and final season of the anime spinoff, our heroes have to fend off a murderous cult that wants to claim one of them as its Messiah. And if he refuses, there's always Nikki Haley. (Netflix)

White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch — The Brads and Chads of the world had a pretty good run there, but as this documentary about the controversial clothing brand shows, there are real consequences to discrimination. Because no mall store should be teaching the youth of America that life favors the thin, the rich and the white. That's high school's job! (Netflix)

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