Netflix kicks off the beginning of the end when the final season of 'Ozark' premieres Friday

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Laura Linney and Jason Bateman return for a final season of "Ozark"
Laura Linney and Jason Bateman return for a final season of "Ozark" photo courtesy of Netflix

Premieres Wednesday: Heavenly Bites: Mexico — A new foodie series delves into some extreme Mexican dishes you'll just love, even as they're doing their best to kill you. And here you thought you had extricated yourself from that kind of tradeoff when you stopped dating. (Netflix)

Juanpis González: The Series — Colombian comic Alejandro Riaño stars in a new show based on his character Juanpis González, a child of privilege learning to get along in the real world. "I will teach you, ordinary people, how to do fucking big business," Riaño/González promised via his Insta. Sorry, Britney, but you're no longer my top follow. Free Juanpis! (Netflix)

El Marginal — In Season 4, a fire in San Onofre prison transfers the action to a new penal institution, where our cast of ne’er-do-wells gets to start their lethal power struggles all over again. And yet it’s still safer than living in an Orlando apartment complex. (Netflix)

Too Hot to Handle — A bigger prize pot than ever is at stake as a new group of normally libidinal singles tries to keep their hands off one another and themselves. I need a judge’s ruling: Would using their spare time to mine NFTs count as masturbation? (Netflix)

The World According to Jeff Goldblum — The back end of Season 2 finds Jeff investigating the lure of motorcycles, backyards and birthdays. It's like an essay on "What America means to me," but written by a guy who has to puke on his food before eating it. (Disney+)

Premieres Thursday: Astral Journey (aka Jornada Astral) — Brazilian TV personality Angélica launches a talk show in which guests of the same zodiac sign have their future told. I dunno, man, that sounds like the kind of pick-up line that puts you on a path to losing Too Hot to Handle. (HBO Max)

The Last Thing Mary Saw — in this shocker set in the 1800s, lesbian attraction clashes with religious fundamentalism, leading to violent consequences for all involved. See, this is what we all wanted from that Sex and the City reboot. (Shudder)

Looney Tunes Cartoons — Season 4 spotlights all of the beloved characters who remain suitable for a modern-day audience. Which leaves Michigan J. Frog, and the Hoboken Penguin, and … and … hang on, I’ll think of somebody. (HBO Max)

The Marfa Tapes — While Miranda Lambert waits to find out if her most recent release will win the Grammy for Best Country Album, she's offering us a video document of what it was like to record with minimal instrumentation and in an entirely outdoor setting. Not to be outdone, Bruce Springsteen will be bringing a harmonica to Exit 12 of the Jersey Turnpike for his next project, Hey, You Can't Park That Here. (Paramount+)

Moses Storm: Trash White — The stand-up comic and Conan O'Brien protégé tells us what he learned growing up in a doomsday cult. Seems funny now, I guess, but what room do you have to have to call anybody else's beliefs a dead end when you've hitched your fortunes to those of Conan O'Brien? (HBO Max)

On the Job — From the Philippines comes a documentary miniseries about prison inmates who are released to carry out political assassinations for the government. That sound you hear is Joel Greenberg desperately readjusting his plea deal. (HBO Max)

The Royal Treatment — This rom-com about the unlikely romance between a salon owner and a prince was shot on location in Dunedin — the city on the South Island of New Zealand, not the one between Palm Harbor and Clearwater. Tough break, Sunshine State. But I'm still holding out hope for The Many Saints of Oldsmar. (Netflix)

Single Drunk Female — In a new series from some of the folks who brought us Girls and The Conners, an alcoholic in her 20s has to move back in with her mother and rebuild her life from the ground up. You know it's 2022 when Ally Sheedy plays the mother and not the daughter in trouble. But you'll feel eternally youthful when you realize you're still rooting for the booze. (Freeform)

Supernatural Academy — The hit series of YA books becomes an animated show about twin sisters, one of whom was raised among humans and the other in a land of mysterious creatures with dark powers and predilections. Wow, I had no idea you could actually live in Hot Topic. (Peacock)

True Story With Ed and Randall — In six episodes, Ed Helms and Randall Park listen to the life stories of regular people, then conscript performer friends to act them out as mini biopics. It's like Drunk Personal History — unless you're Ally Sheedy's daughter, in which case that's redundant. (Peacock)

Premieres Friday: As We See It — A trio of roommates tries to navigate the customary challenges of young adulthood, with the added complication that they’re all on the spectrum. By which I mean the autism spectrum, not the sexual-orientation spectrum. Or, come to think of it, the cable provider formerly known as Brighthouse. But boy, what a triple whammy that would make! (Amazon Prime)

Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock — After a few successful shorts, the classic Henson kids’ show is getting a full series reboot. Want to have some real fun? Tell Elmo there’s a new Muppet program that’s all about a rock, then sit back and enjoy the meltdown. (Apple TV+)

Munich: The Edge of War — Jeremy Irons is Neville Chamberlain in a dramatization of the British government’s attempt to forestall World War II by appeasing Adolf Hitler. Fun fact: Did you know “Munich” is German for “Manchin”? (Netflix)

Ozark — The first seven episodes of the hit show's final season find Wendy and Marty Byrde trying to broker a deal between Mexican drug lords and the FBI. I'd be careful if I were them, because cold-blooded criminals like that just can't be trusted. (The Mexicans, on the other hand, probably deserve the benefit of the doubt.) (Netflix)

Picabo — Olympic skiing great Lindsey Vonn uses the documentary medium to pay tribute to her hero, Picabo Street. Subjects covered run the gamut from Street's gold medal wins to her arrest on charges (later dropped) that she assaulted her elderly father. Her persuasive defense: "Shit like that only happens in the luge." (Peacock)

Servant Season 3 — Even as new episodes of this psychological horror series finally drop, co-executive producer M. Night Shyamalan and the rest of his team are already assembling to shoot its fourth and final season. Co-star Lauren Ambrose told TV Insider she still has "an inbox full of" new scripts to look at. But don't worry, Lauren: Shyamalan doesn't actually write the thing. So there's no reason to put it off any further. (Apple TV+)

Premieres Tuesday: Aziz Ansari: Nightclub Comedian — The audience at Ansari’s December 2021 New York gig apparently didn’t know in advance that they were going to be witnessing a set by him, nor that it was going to be recorded for release as the first Netflix standup special of the new year. So, you know, way to show you’re all about consent now. (Netflix)

Neymar: The Perfect Chaos — An illuminating three-part docuseries explores the fascinating life of international soccer sensation and marketing juggernaut Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior. SPOILER: He learned everything he knows about business from Juanpis González. SPOILER 2: He may or may not be the one who actually beat up Picabo Street’s dad. (Netflix)

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