Movies playing in Orlando this week: 'The Call of the Wild,' 'VHYes' and more

Harrison Ford looking gray, grizzled and brutalized by the elements in 'The Call of the Wild'
Harrison Ford looking gray, grizzled and brutalized by the elements in 'The Call of the Wild' Photo courtesy 20th Century Studios

Opening this week: The Assistant The narrative-feature debut of former documentarian Kitty Green poses the question "How do powerful men keep getting away with sexual misconduct?" And I think we all know the answer: They die in a helicopter crash, and we never get to say anything bad about them ever again! But The Assistant isn't set in the world of pro sports, instead looking in on the offices of a Manhattan film producer whose abuses present an ethical conundrum for his latest hire. In a bold calculation, Green has elected to keep her antagonist entirely unseen, in order to focus on the choices of those who depend on him for a paycheck. And really, don't you wish you had never had to look at Harvey Weinstein? (R; opens Friday at Regal Winter Park Village & RPX)

Brahms: The Boy II This follow-up to the 2016 horror flick is being promoted as a "stand-alone sequel," which is studio-speak for "Even we know we're not getting a trilogy out of this dreck." Another sign of impending franchise death: the arrival of Katie Holmes to be tortured by the titular devil doll. Actually, if you'll recall, Brahms was revealed last time to be the front for a grown-ass man, which would seem to leave Chapter 2 with few surprises to pull out of its trick bag. I mean, imagine learning that Chucky was just Prince Harry with his hand up a Cabbage Patch Kid's colon. Wait a minute, I think we might have an idea for that third movie after all! (PG-13)

The Call of the Wild Seen that footage of Harrison Ford looking gray, grizzled and brutalized by the elements? And that's just on the red carpet! At least we know he didn't have to endure too many hours in makeup and wardrobe for The Call of the Wild, the latest adaptation of Jack London's classic tale of canine perseverance in the Yukon. This version was not actually shot in the Yukon, and the dog is entirely CGI. So I guess that settles the man-vs.-nature thing once and for all. Viva la desktop! (PG)

The Lodge If you were wondering what Alicia Silverstone is up to these days, the answer is twofold: 1. Coming to Megacon in April. 2. Committing suicide in the first act of indie horror flicks. Silverstone's cameo merely sets the stage for a familial psychodrama about a disturbed stepmother (Riley Keough) stranded in a winter cabin with two kids who resent her deeply. Remember when Silverstone herself would have played that female lead? Best four months of 1996 anybody's ever had. (R; opens Friday at AMC Dine-In Disney Springs 24)

Also playing: VHYes You only have until Thursday to catch this shot-on-a-camcorder '80s tribute, in which a kid inadvertently tapes over his parents' wedding video. Supporting players include Thomas Lennon, Kerri Kenney and Mark Proksch. And it was produced by a UCF grad, so what are you waiting for? And no, "video" is not an acceptable answer, smartass. (NR; playing at Enzian Theater, Maitland)

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