Movie: The Yes Men

Our Rating: 3.50

Andy Bichibaum and Mike Bonanno began a career of high-level pranksterism with, a subversive clone of Dubya's own web site. Soon, the dastardly duo had received cease-and-desist letters, which they mailed to the press, grabbing headlines. Andy and Mike followed this effort with a spoof of the World Trade Organization's site; somehow the venture landed them invitations to speaking engagements all over the world as officially sanctioned WTO representatives. Such guerrilla stunts – reminiscent of the tactics of Da Ali G Show – are the focus of The Yes Men. There's definite entertainment value in watching Andy and Mike come appallingly close to convincing an entire audience of investors that a gold polyester comic-book costume (complete with inflatable phallus) can help "improve" Third World slave labor. Yet the audience is plagued with endless detail about the preparations for the duo's stunts, making the film drag even as it tries to encourage us to create our own spectacles.

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