Movie: Paparazzi

Our Rating: 1.00

The already indefensible vigilante genre gets degraded/updated to the Bush era. Wealthy, adored "action star" Bo Laramie (Cole Hauser) becomes enraged when the press starts covering his every move; inevitably, some slimeball photogs cause Bo's car to crash, knocking out his mousy wife (Robin Tunney) and putting his kid in a coma. Undaunted, a super-sleaze photo guy (Tom Sizemore) assists in pulling down the unconscious wife's blouse for some hot, bloody boob shots. (How clever for director Paul Abascal to cast an actual-woman beater in this role.) The troubles of the Sudan genocides can't compare to the righteous suffering and indignation Bo experiences before he takes inventive revenge on the blue-collar paparazzi – and with the winking approval of the law (Dennis Farina). Comes complete with digs at shifty Mexicans, stupid hos and uppity Frenchmen, plus a cameo by producer Mel Gibson as a similarly plagued Great White Man.

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