'Love in the Time of Corona,' the first COVID-themed limited series, premieres Saturday on Freeform

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Tommy Dorfman and Rainey Qualley in 'Love in the Time of Corona'
Tommy Dorfman and Rainey Qualley in 'Love in the Time of Corona' Photo courtesy Freeform

Premieres Saturday: Love in the Time of Corona – Round out your week with the first COVID-themed limited series, commissioned back in March and rushed into four presentable episodes. The theme is the pursuit of romance and coitus during lockdown, and the production methods are said to have been completely virtual, i.e., safe. So what's with all those shots in the trailer of folks climbin' all over each other? The official explanation is that Leslie Odom Jr. and Nicolette Robinson are married in real life and shot their scenes at home. Right, as if that rings even remotely true to anyone who's been cooped up with their S.O. for five months. Then again, the title Random Acts of Violence was already taken. (Freeform)

Premieres Wednesday: DeMarcus Family Rules – Tired of all those sitcoms about a dumpy schlemiel inexplicably married to a smokin'-hot trophy wife? Here's a reality series about Rascal Flatts bassist Jay DeMarcus, a dumpy schlemiel inexplicably married to a smokin'-hot trophy wife. Thank God for streaming, because those network shows were just getting too far-fetched. (Netflix)

Premieres Thursday: The Crimes That Bind – Argentina was the source of this provocative crime drama, in which a devoted mother stands by her son after he's accused of the rape and attempted murder of his former wife. Listen, just as long as he doesn't get a tattoo. (Netflix)

Random Acts of Violence – Jay Baruchel produced, directed and co-stars in this adaptation of the like-named graphic novel, in which a couple of comic-book creators learn that their true-crime title may have inspired a series of copycat killings. Fellas, just be thankful a comic book inspired something other than arteriosclerosis. (Shudder)

Premieres Friday: Chemical Hearts – A teenage boy and girl fall deeply in love while working together on their high-school newspaper. The movie was shot on location in New Jersey – where I myself went to high school and worked on the student newspaper! One small difference: Instead of finding romance, I spent prom night in a friend's basement, listening to Gary Numan albums. But they had to change something, because otherwise I was going to sue. (Amazon Prime)

Find Me in Paris Season 3 – In the final season of the teen dramedy, the Time Bureau tries to force ballerina Lena Grisky to return to the 20th century. Hey, guys: Take us instead! (Hulu)

Hoops – Those of us who still pine for H. Jon Benjamin to revisit his Coach McGuirk character from Home Movies might find some measure of solace in Hoops, an animated series about a decidedly non-PC high-school basketball coach. Then again, maybe it doesn't bother you that Bob Belcher doesn't swear very much. (Netflix)

The Sleepover – Malin Akerman and Joe Manganiello are among the stars of an action comedy about kids who discover that their mom is a former master thief. Back in the day, a picture like this would be gone from the theaters after one weekend; now, you might even be able to wait that long until you're bored enough to watch it. (Netflix)

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