‘Loki,’ ‘In the Heights,’ ‘Flack’ and more streaming debuts this week

Streaming premieres you won’t want to miss

Premieres Wednesday: Awake — The whole world has insomnia and none of our electronic devices work anymore in a thriller flick that sure knows how to put a scare into its target audience. After it's over, you'll be bingeing Space Force just out of gratitude! (Netflix)

Fresh Fried and Crispy — Harden your arteries on a cross-country search for the finest fried delicacies America has to offer. Your host is Daym Drops, the food reviewer who's a sensation on YouTube. And soon, WebMD. (Netflix)

Loki — OK, he technically died at the beginning of Infinity War. But Thor's bratty half-brother is back anyway, thanks to an alternate timeline. Or a glitch in the multiverse. Or sunspots. Or something. This new series shows Loki going all Zelig on us, working his mischief on major events in Earth's past. Hey, remember when the guy who made Zelig was a big deal? That must have been an alternate timeline too. (Disney+)

Vanderpump Dogs — Learn the similarities between pet adoption and online dating in a new reality series that isn't creepy whatsoever! (Peacock)

Premieres Thursday: The Greatest Race — The one thing I was going to give the virus credit for was canceling the Olympics. But we're going to have to put up with them anyway in just a few weeks, so you might as well get ready with this documentary profile of Michael Phelps and the rest of the 2008 men's swimming team. Among the priceless archival footage: Phelps' aborted commercial for Wheaties, which he blows by repeatedly averring that he begins every day with a bowl of "that sweet, sweet cheeba." (Peacock)

Infinite — Mark Wahlberg plays a diagnosed schizophrenic who learns that his alleged delusions are really flashbacks to his past lives. Come on, feel the vibration! (Paramount+)

Trese — Detective Alexandra Trese makes the leap from comics to a six-episode anime series that pits her against the supernatural creatures in charge of Manila's criminal underworld. Episodes are available in three languages: English, Filipino, and whatever the hell Matthew Perry now speaks. (Netflix)

Premieres Friday: Flack — The second and final season of the sleazy British drama finally drops, giving Anna Paquin's PR-agent character a new bunch of celebrity clients to clean up after. How bad are the skeletons in their closet? Well, one of them is Sam Neill, and that guy's the actual Antichrist! (Amazon Prime)

In the Heights — Musical-theater snobs are already howling with fury about the songs that have been omitted from this feature adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda's pre-Hamilton work. Listen, Man in Chair: I got over "Bushel and a Peck" being cut from Guys and Dolls. So you can live without "Sunrise," comprende? (HBO Max)

Lupin — In episodes 5-10 of the French-made suspense series, lovable con man Assane Diop (Omar Sy) continues his quest to avenge his father's death, with a beloved literary character as his inspiration. Good thing it wasn't Madeline, because he never would have fooled anybody in that little hat. (Netflix)

Zenimation Season 2 — Zone out to a new collection of images from classic Disney films, strung together bereft of dialogue. Yeah, I always thought Pocahontas would have been better if you didn't actually have to hear it. (Disney+)

Premieres Tuesday: Headspace: Unwind Your Mind — Not to be undone by some damn Aristocats montage, the creators of the world's most famous relaxation app bring us an interactive animated special full of tools for attaining maximum chill. There's even a bedtime story to help you nod off. "My name is Madeline. You killed my father. Prepare to die." Aaaah, that's nice. Nighty-night. (Netflix)

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