Julie Delpy’s ‘On the Verge,’ debuting on Netflix Tuesday, is the anti-SATC

Julie Delpy wrote and stars in 'On the Verge'
Julie Delpy wrote and stars in 'On the Verge' Image courtesy of Netflix

Premieres Wednesday:
Dug Days — OK, I know my standard operating procedure for this column is to sort of crap aspersions on everything. But seriously — the delightful Dug the dog from Pixar's Up is starring in his very own animated series? And he's joined by an entire litter of adorable puppies? As God is my witness, I may never snark again. (Disney+)

How to Be a Cowboy — In his new reality series, rodeo star Dale Brisby teaches a bunch of recruits everything they need to know about that cowboy life — from roping steers to respecting nature to turning up your nose at a life-saving vaccine. Oh look, I'm back. (Netflix)

Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror — At press time, Spike Lee was in the editing room over at HBO, trying to prune his 9/11 docuseries of cringey references to jet fuel and steel beams. In the meantime, Netflix offers its own take on The Day the World Changed, which might have the competitive advantage of not being batshit crazy! (Netflix)

Premieres Thursday:
Adventure Time: Distant Lands — Wizard City — The fourth and final special spun off from the beloved animated series takes us back to the days when a young Peppermint Butler was enrolling in wizard school. And if you can tell me what kind of car you drove back then, I might be able to hack your socials. (HBO Max)

Q-Force — This high-concept animated show has an elite team of gay government agents dealing with the arrival of a straight colleague. At last, a program that puts the "hard" in "trying too hard." (Netflix)

Superhost — What happens when a couple of travel vloggers try to exploit the dangerously unhinged woman they're staying with? Those motels on West Colonial start to look a lot more enticing, that's what. (Shudder)

Premieres Friday:
Cinderella — Camila Cabello is the latest to play the legendary fairy-tale heroine, in a modernized adaptation set to pop classics like "Somebody to Love," "Material Girl" and ... um, "Seven Nation Army." Look, we all knew this day was gonna come. (Amazon Prime)

Happier than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles — The real Billie Eilish performs her latest album at the Hollywood Bowl while an animated version of herself visits some of her favorite spots in L.A. I'm sure one of them is Frederick's of Hollywood, that hussy! (Disney+)

The J Team Dance Moms alumnus JoJo Siwa plays a struggling young hoofer who's victimized by her predatory coach. "Call my lawyer!" bellows Miss Abby, from prison. (Paramount+)

Money Heist — As the show's fifth and final season begins, executive producer Jesus Colmenar is defending the decision to kill off fan-favorite character Nairobi last time, saying she wasn't equipped to handle the all-out underworld war that's about to erupt. Hey, none of us is equipped to handle anything right now, but we don't get to call in sick from Zoom. (Netflix)

Premieres Monday:
Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem — A spinoff of the long-running soap follows some of its characters to exotic locales like Zurich, New Orleans and Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix counts as exotic? I guess it does if you're used to Illinois. (Peacock)

Premieres Tuesday:
On the Verge — Julie Delpy created and co-stars in this series about 40-something women facing the trials of living in Los Angeles. Well, for one thing, Billie Eilish gets all the good parking spaces. (Netflix)

Untold: Breaking Point — Get an update on Mardy Fish, the champion tennis player who walked away from the 2012 U.S. Open after a crippling anxiety attack. We feel ya, bud. Listen, have you checked out Dug Days? It's got puppies! (Netflix)

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